Affordable Little Black Bridesmaid Dresses

Little black dresses are wardrobe staples—they go with everything, and they can be dressed up or dressed down depending on the occasion, which makes them wonderful options for your bridesmaids. Wearing black to a wedding is no longer considered a faux pas (it used to be frowned upon in the past), and we’re noticing more and more bridal parties dressed in black. Choosing black for your bridesmaids makes it easy to co-ordinate their looks (if they’re all buying their own dresses), and they’re sure to find reasons to wear to wear their chic little black dresses again after the big day. Whether you’re hosting a classic formal wedding or a quirky vintage-inspired party, there’s a little black dress out there that’s perfect for your bridesmaids. The holiday season is a wonderful time to go on the hunt for little black dresses as the stores are packed with stylish (and affordable!) choices. We found 10 fabulous little black dresses for you to peruse (and they all ring in at less than $200)!