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Fashion & Beauty

Accessory Inspiration

  |   By Alison McGill

Brooches are one of my favourite accessories and I love the fact they are back on the fashion radar thanks to Michelle Obama. They just add a certain old-world glamour and pizzazz to any outfit; I especially love them worn with a wedding dress.


Accessory Inspiration

You can pin them at the bustline, the waistline, or even wear one in your hair. They can be classic, colourful, or whimsical to reflect the theme of your wedding. Would this little fellow not look adorable worn with a breezy beach wedding dress for a tropical celebration? A new addition to the Tiffany & Co. family this 18 karat gold friend from under the sea is decorated with 200 pink sapphires and 61 spessartites, has two gleaming emerald eyes and blinged out diamond antennae. The price tag for this gem is probably out of your wedding budget, but I thought he was a great source of inspiration for your aisle style. I suggest having a look in your mom's or grandmother’s jewellery box—you might find a treasure, just like this little lobster, that’s a perfect fit for your wedding day.

This article was originally published on Jun 17, 2009

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