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Fashion & Beauty

A Lovely, Must-Try Lippy

  |   By Alison McGill

I love it when I make new makeup discoveries and this one comes courtesy of the lovely and talented Marsha Mowers, Weddingbells’ marketing and communications manager, who also happens to be a trained makeup artist. Thank you Marsha for turning me on to the wonders of a very gorgeous MAC lipstick—“O.”


A Lovely, Must-Try Lippy

Apparently “O” is a secret weapon of many a makeup artist as it’s one of those colours that looks great on EVERYONE. I will tell you when she showed it to me, she warned me I would be underwhelmed—in the tube the colour looks like a metallic bronze and nothing special. Once on, it’s a shade that transforms into the perfect shade for everyone. On Marsha, it looks reddish brown. On myself, it looks more copper/plum. Marsha tells me she has used it on every skin tone and it looks fantastic on all. It is also a shade that looks natural, but delivers just enough colour to give your face a pop of brightness. Try it, you’ll be smitten just like me—I guarantee it!

This article was originally published on Nov 18, 2010

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