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Fashion & Beauty

A Good Hair Day

  |   By Alison McGill

The perfect bridal updo seen at Angel Sanchez Spring 2010 show.

That’s what you want your wedding day to be In fact it should be your ultimate good hair day. I just met with Felicity Davis who’s session manager and director of education for Kevin Murphy hair care products (they are an Aussie based line and the products are simply incredible) and I think she summed wedding hair up best: “a wedding is a woman’s ultimate photoshoot moment and her hair should look it’s absolute best.”


A Good Hair Day

Could not agree more Felicity and I’m so glad you "get" wedding hair. The bottom line on wedding styles is that they should be gorgeous and glam; simple and beautiful. Never over-styled or too fussy. Your hair should be dressed to impress…but that does not mean sprayed and pinned within an inch of its life! One idea that Felicity shared with me that she and the Kevin Murphy team love for brides is instead of pinning and updo into place they sew it! Felicity says sewing hair into a loose updo will actually keep your style in place longer and allows your stylist an opportunity to individualize your look by sewing gorgeous details into your style like sequins or pearls. How brill is that! Take this idea to your stylist pronto! I also must insist your visit the Kevin Murphy website to find where you can by these amazing products where you live. Another cool feature on the site: they offer styling podcasts. Think no more about how to achieve the perfect blowout or hot roller set—you can tune in and learn how to achieve styling perfection from one of the Kevin Murphy salon experts.

This article was originally published on Jun 25, 2009

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