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8 Expert Wedding Hair Dos & Donts

  |  By Alison McGill

Photo: Alvaro Goveia. Hair & makeup David Goveia, judy inc.

Next to your dress, your hair is probably the most important style issue you have to worry about for your wedding day. It’s something you need to start thinking about at least six months before the day and having a stylist in your corner who will be in charge of your hair leading up to the event and day-of is key. To get the scoop on having the most gorgeous wedding day hair possible, I asked Eric Del Monaco, official hair artist and colourist for L’Oreal Paris and the creative genius behind the runway looks for Toronto’s LG Fashion Week for his wedding hair dos and don’ts.


8 Expert Wedding Hair Dos & Donts

DO book a consultation and trial with your stylist.I recommend booking at least three months in advance before your wedding to share any pictures of styles that have inspired you for your wedding day style. Also, bring along a picture of your dress so your stylist can see the style of it and the neckline and any hair accessories you may wear—this will direct your look. Plus bring along an image of the hair accessory or veil - if you plan on wearing one - so that stylist can see what they have to work with. Book your hair trial at least one month in advance to test out looks.”

DO follow a hair care regime suited to your hair type. “Just like skincare, its important to know your hair type to ensure you are using products suited to your specific hair needs (i.e. oily, dry, combination, damaged, etc.). And, today it is important to shampoo, condition AND treat your hair using hair treatments or masques that keep it in tip top shape.

DO have regular hair trims. “Visit with your stylist regularly to get hair trimmed to keep it healthy and free of split ends. Every great look starts with healthy, manageable hair.

DO maintain your colour. “Whether you colour at home or at a salon, be sure to keep your colour looking fabulous in advance of your wedding and on the big day. Nothing looks worse than roots or grey hairs poking through!”

DON'T experiment with haircolour. “Six months prior to your wedding is not the time to decide to do anything drastic with your colour Wait until after your honeymoon! Also don’t opt for highlights, etc. if you have never had them before.

DON'T go scissor crazy! “Just like your colour, now is not the time to experiment with a daring new hairstyle. You may choose to grow it, or maintain the sassy style you have, but do not make a drastic move!”

DON'T be too trendy. “Don’t choose a style for the sake of fashion and trends. Work with your stylist and with your stylist to find a style that suits you, your wedding dress and bridal style.”

DON'T wear a t-shirt for trials or day-of styling. “Always wear a button-down shirt that you don’t have to lift over your head—you dont' want to mess up your pretty style!”

This article was originally published on Jul 27, 2011

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