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7 Ways To Get Creative With Your Wedding Manicure

  |  By Alison McGill

Nails are the hottest beauty and fashion accessory of the mo and one of our favourite ways to express our fashionable selves. Rainbow colours and creative manis are the buzz and if you love a statement look with your nails, don’t think you have to dial it down for your wedding day and go with barely there. We asked nail guru Jan Arnold, CND co-founder and style director (and one of the nicest, coolest, chicest human beings on the planet) for some fabulous ideas for your nails. We just adore her creative suggestions.

1. French mani with a twist. For a funky spin on the traditional French manicure, try a peachy porcelain base (Jan likes CND Colour in Perfectly Bare) and pair with a pop of color (tangerine, hot pink, gold chrome, silver chrome, etc.) for added contrast.

2. Cozy & calm. Try a faded manicure with muted iridescent shades like vintage gold, peach, icy blue and green to evoke comfort and timelessness. Have your manicurist take your favourite pastel shade and wash it out with a polish like CND Colour in Copper Shimmer, then fade it further with a matte top coat.

3. Crown Jewels. Let eccentric, old world charm take center stage by sporting dark jewel toned nails. Make sure to add elegant length, rich dimension and texture to your manicure. Shades Jan loves for fall: CND Colour in Midnight Sapphire, a deep cobalt blue crème, and Dark Amethyst, a velvet aubergine crème.

4. Classic & conservative. If you want to play it safe, opt for neutral shades of pink. For gorgeous round-trip wear that will last flawlessly through the honeymoon, try a long-wear mani like CND Shellac in shimmery Iced Cappuccino topped with French pink Romantique. The finished look is a blushing khaki that flatters any skintone.

5. Tuxedo manicure. Just because the groom is in black tie doesn’t mean your manicure can’t follow suit! Have your manicurist create adorable tuxedo nails! CND did this look for Ruffian’s fall 2011 show—tres chic.
6. Million dollar mani. Glittery, 24-karat nails are reserved for the most glamorous brides. Even if real diamonds are out of the question (except the engagement ring, of course), nails are decadent enough to break the bank. Try Pave Swarovski crystal encrusted nails for the right reflection on your big day.

7. Decedent nude. For a dressed-up spin on the traditional nude mani, try a peachy porcelain base paired with a shimmering moon created with ultra fine bronze glitter that fades into the nude base.  It's subtle, it's chic and it 'kicks the traditional mani up 10 volts.

This article was originally published on Aug 10, 2011

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