6 Wedding Hairstyles To Suit Every Bride

It used to be that wedding hair was worn one way: piled high, swirled, twirled and held into place with 1,000 bobby pins, then lacquered with extra-hold hairspray. Oh how times have changed. Today, wedding hairstyles are natural, pretty and most of all touchable! It is no longer the rule that you must wear your hair up or even have it long for your wedding day. It’s all about what suits your personal style and the style of your wedding look.

To give you some inspiration, we earmarked six of our favourite wedding hairstyle trends spotted on recent brides as seen in our Real Weddings. Looks we love: glamourous waves, straight and sexy, ballerina buns, undone updos, sleek bobs and boho braids. The key to finding what look works for you, of course, is to work with your hairstylist to come up with a wedding hair plan that will have you looking gorgeous on your big day. The sooner you and your stylist get planning your wedding hair, the better. That way if you require a grow-out you can get on a maintenance schedule. You should also have at least one hair trial pre-wedding (we are partial to having two) to make sure your wedding hairstyle matches your dress and works with your veil or hair accessories.