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5 Tips For Creating Your Ultimate Wedding Beauty Look

  |  By Robert Weir

Lihi Hod Fall 2021

Your wedding day should be treated as an epically special day, especially when it comes to your makeup. You want to look like you, but this is the day to elevate your look! It's also important you makeup artist does this in a way that looks natural and beautiful—you want to appear as the best possible version of YOU!

In my years working with brides, I can honestly say I do know what works when it comes to wedding day makeup…and what doesn’t. Here is my advice on what to avoid ensuring you look glam, gorgeous and elegant.

1. Choose A Timeless Beauty Look
Trends come and go, but wedding photographs are forever. Avoid the latest makeup trends and work with your makeup artist to create a vibe that will stand the test of time. Think Old Hollywood glam or a wash of soft neutral and nude shades—these looks never go out of style!

2. Skip The Big Lashes
Trust when I say bigger isn’t better when it comes to false lashes. If they are big and bold, they can completely overwhelm your eyes and make your eyes literally look like two black rectangles! Lashes can also get heavy throughout the day and can create a droopy effect with your eyes. Go for a style that’s light fluffy with just enough lashes to boost your own. I personally love working with individual clusters to give a natural, volumized look.

3. Don't Over Bronze
There is a misconception that a white wedding dress looks better with a tan or a lot of bronzer. A little highlight on skin will make you glowy and gorgeous. A hint of colour is all you need, and your makeup artist can work with you to create that glow.

4. Keep Your Makeup Light
I can’t stress this enough: nothing about your wedding day look should be heavy. Keep your foundation light and let your natural radiance shine through. If you feel you want a little more coverage, your makeup artist will use a primer, setting powder and setting spray to bump up the performance of your foundation and you skin will never look oily or cakey on the day.

5. Be True To You
You want your wedding look to be elevated and special, but this is not the time for a total makeover! Be true to your style whatever that looks like. If you love drama, go for it! If you rarely wear makeup, keep your look very minimal and streamlined. Individuality is what makes us all beautiful so stay true to your signature style!

Robert Weir has been a makeup artist for twenty years and his work has graced the pages of internationally renowned magazines including Vogue Arabia, Vogue Italia, Vman, Purple Magazine, Nylon and  The Globe and Mail. His celebrity client range includes Nelly Furtado, Saint Vincent, Tessa and Anna Wintour.

This article was originally published on Nov 11, 2020

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