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5 Helpful Tips For Dressing The Moms In Your Bridal Party

  |  By Danielle Barich

When it comes to your wedding there are many people to be considered. The bride, the groom, the wedding party, the guests and...the moms. On your special day both of your moms will want to look their best. It is a challenge that nearly every bride faces in choosing their wedding style, what should the mother of the bride and mother of the groom wear?

1. Match The Bridal Party If your colour scheme is very important to your wedding decor, you may want to dress your moms in colours that match your girls. Try finding darker or lighter shades than your maids, in dresses that are a similar style. That way they will stand out just enough while still looking unified with the rest of your party.

2. Choose Neutrals. Your mom is one of the most important people at your wedding, so why not dress her in a neutral to complement your white gown? Incorporate shades of ivory or taupe to create a mother-daughter look that is picture-perfect.

3. Consider Suits. Take some tips from our favourite Royal mothers and choose elegant skirt suits for your moms. Look for tailored suits in lush embroidered fabrics. Allow your moms comfort in figure-flattering cuts and traditional styles, and add custom fascinators to complete their royal looks.

4. Play With Metallics. Spice up your bridal party by styling your moms in metallics that complement the colour of your maids. Are your girls wearing plum? Dress your moms in pewters and silvers. Seeing red? Gold and bronze tones would be perfect for your mothers.

5. Change It Up. Is your wedding the opposite of traditional? Then throw away the rulebook and allow your moms to choose dresses and colours that let their personalities shine through. Give them a list of colours and shades that match your wedding decor and let them go crazy with textures and lengths that best suit them.


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