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5 Expert Wedding Day Makeup Tips and Tricks

  |  By Alison McGill

Getting the dress is only half the battle when it comes to nailing your aisle style; you’ve got to think about beauty essentials too. To help you out, we asked beauty expert Erika Katz, author Bonding Over Beauty, to share her top wedding day makeup tips and tricks. Follow this sage advice and you're sure to look your best on your big day.

1.    Hair should be done before makeup “If your makeup is done and then you get your hair washed, the water can make the makeup run,” explains Katz. Be sure your tresses are styled before starting the makeup application process.

2. Do wear false eyelashes and powder eyeliner “I love fake eyelashes because you do not have to worry about mascara running if you tear up," says Katz. "Also, when it comes to liner, I suggest applying a powder one over regular pencil to keep product from traveling.”

3. Don’t be afraid of blush. “You are going to be photographed all day under bright lights which can wash you out," explains Katz. "Add a little extra blush and reapply right before pictures. What looks too much in person will look healthy in photos and video.”

4. Buy extra lipstick “Choose your lipstick ahead of time so you can have a spare to reapply throughout the party," Katz advises. "If your makeup is being done professionally, decide ahead of time what you makeup artist will use so you can buy the same one.”

5. Avoid trendy hairstyles “A bride should look classic on her wedding day. Avoid overly trendy hair cuts and colours so when you look back on your wedding photos, you appear timeless,” Katz concludes.

This article was originally published on May 08, 2014

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