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2021 Wedding Hair Forecast

  |  By Alison McGill

Savannah Miller Fall 2021

We love great hair. Even more we love great wedding hair! For this year, the key word when it comes to the freshest wedding hair: natural.

“There’s no question while people are predicting a vaccine may help bring back a sense of normalcy, hair trends have been greatly impacted by lockdown constraints and things are definitely trending towards more natural and simple styles,” says Jason Lee, owner of Jason Lee Toronto. This will continue for 2021 with a step away from the overly curled and primped hair and a swing back to simpler styles.”

We quizzed Lee for what’s haute for hair this year. As always, his expert intel is on point! Read on for his thoughts on the freshest styles, DIY hair advice and why micro-weddings actually need maximum hair impact!

Tell us your top wedding hair trends for 2021.
“There are many great ones! First up, natural hair texture and braids. Last year, Raven-Symoné married Miranda Pearman-Maday and wore her hair in braids. I think the idea wearing your hair in your natural texture or braids is certainly the coolest approach to bridal hair. If you have a subtle natural wave, the idea is not having to straighten it out and fight your natural texture. Wearing your hair in its natural texture down and free is very much the new standard for bridal hair. My second one is styling your hair in a way that represents an elevated version of yourself. What I mean by this elevating your everyday hairstyle. This could include wearing it down but with some extensions for body, or an easy ponytail that is well groomed and looks fresh. Simplicity is the key here and if you’ve always dreamed of your hair a little more elegant, even half up but just classic works more now than ever.
Speaking of simplicity if you want to updo option, I am loving a French twist! It’s not over the top, works well with most hair textures and is super fashion-forward—the Viktor&Rolf Mariage 2021 collection featured this timeless style. I also love a ‘60s vibe with volume and a chic headband. Think Lily Allen’s hair paired with her short Dior dress at her Las Vegas wedding or for a more vintage version look to Priscilla Presley on her TK wedding day. Lastly consider bows as an amazing hair accessory that’s fresh and modern in 2021. Designers like Giambattista Valli had bows on the runway for spring and hair looked so amazing! If you’re keeping the hairstyle simple and just pulled back off your face, the idea of accessorizing with a beautiful bow can really make an impact."

Micro-weddings don't have to mean micro style impact. What are your suggestions for taking your look a level up?
“One thing to remember—even if your wedding is on the smaller side—your hair needs to be more volumized than what you’re used to every day. So even if you’re keeping it simple, you must go bigger than you generally think. The reason is, in photographs, hair appears smaller and flatter than it may be in real life, so even if you’re going with a more ‘everyday/ not overly styled’ style for a micro-wedding, you still want to make it more volumized than you think! I still suggest pumping up the volume a little so when you look back at photos, your hair doesn’t look deflated in the pics. Products such as mousse and styling gels will set your hair and ensure the style lasts. Do not overuse oils, heavy hairsprays and creams as they can sometimes weigh down."

Hair by Jason Lee. Photography by Ryan Vanderhout.

How are you working with clients in the current state of on-and-off lockdowns?
“I managed to do two weddings while we reopened between lockdowns this past summer/fall. The first happened to be my business partner’s wedding so I was lucky enough to do the bride’s hair for the day. Because it was his wedding, I was also a guest at the 10-person event in the backyard. I started creating a very natural bohemian style for the bride as she’s originally from Brazil and I really wanted to create a beautiful soft beachy look for her to go along with the outdoor wedding theme and stay true to her origins. These are details a good stylist should consider when coming up with your look for your special day. With my mask on, I was able to touch up her hair for the ceremony and we eventually just pulled her hair off her face to manage the humidity for the day. The second wedding I did was also for a VIP client of mine who wore her hair down in very natural waves to match her beautiful intimate ceremony.  We were lucky to be able to go into the salon (at the time with masks on) that morning and really set her hair in order for it to last all day. The takeaway here is the wedding hair should always match the theme or vibe of the wedding and given the current climate, I think it’s really important for you to discuss with your stylist the mood of the event and ensure the hair is on theme for the day. Even if your stylist isn’t able to physically be present to do your hair for the wedding, most of the work is done prior to the day of. Planning the look and what it takes to build the hair to last all day is something a stylist can coach you through via email or phone call. Nothing will ever take the place of a great hairstylist doing your hair for your wedding day, but given where we are at, sometimes it’s the vision itself that really counts.”

What is your advice for anyone wanting to do their own wedding hair?
“If you’re doing your own hair for your wedding, you want to definitely do research. The number one thing to remember with wedding hair is it has to match the theme of your dress and of your actual wedding. Consider the silhouette of your dress and see how people have worn their hair with a similar silhouette. Something also important to remember if you’re doing your own hair is to start with a good blow-dry or roller set. All wedding ‘dos start with a good base, even if it’s for a ponytail. Use product to help hold the style. Have a hairspray on hand throughout the day so that you can touch up anything that needs to be fixed."

What about hair health— now is the time to invest a little more in it to ensure gorgeous wedding-day results.
“Nothing is better than beautiful healthy hair. We’ve seen hair dramatically improve over the last year as people haven’t been styling their hair with hot tools such as blow dryers and irons in the same way we had pre-pandemic. If your hair is dry or curly, it needs moisture and hydrate. If you have fine or broken hair it needs protein to rebuild it. If you have overprocessed hair, you need bond builders heal and boost it up.”


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