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2020 Wedding Trend Forecast

  |  By Alison McGill
Photography courtesy of Langdon Hall Country House Hotel & Spa.

With 2019 winding down (we know, it’s only September, but with the way time flies December is just around the corner) it’s time to look to the future and do some trend forecasting for what will be hot for 2020 weddings. 2019 was the year of pampas grass, neon-tinged décor details, churros, minimalist dresses and excessive veils, just to spotlight a few of our chosen 2019 trends.

What will be the hot décor styles, confections, style essentials and venue trends? We asked some of the winners of our 2019 Weddingbells Wedding Awards for their thoughts on what’s in the forecast as hot wedding trends for 2020 to help you get planning for your celebration in the year ahead.

Photography courtesy of Wild North Flowers.

FLOWERS “Colour will be huge in 2020! We are seeing a lot of sunset palettes—rich peaches, deep fuchsia, reds and corals. Also the use of unexpected materials like dried elements such as field grasses, leaves, and even dried flowers, and unexpected palettes incorporating yellows, browns. There will be a big shift away from more traditional palettes. There will also be a move towards blooms that have been out of rotation for a while like lilies, carnations, and anthurium. These are coming back in style because they are the new ‘different’ and when used in the right way in a sophisticated palette, they can be so beautiful and unique. When it comes to ceremony set ups and reception spaces, it will be all about making the most of the natural space in new and exciting ways—think of an installation in an unexpected corner, or creating more of a natural arch from the ground up rather than a classic arch, which is beautiful of course, but each couple really wants something curated for them and something that hasn't been seen yet. Getting artful with your florals is definitely happening for 2020!” —Mackenzie Zufelt, wedding coordinator, Wild North Flowers, 2019 Wedding Florist winner

Photography courtesy of Bride by Catherine Langlois.

BRIDAL FASHION “There are so many fresh things happening with bridal fashion for 2020. Things that are not going away in the coming year: boat necklines, soft tulle and sheer touches, straight a full circle skirts. We are forecasting a big year for sleeves. Not the long, slim lace sleeve that we’ve seen for the past several years but sleeves with volume in sheer fabrics, puffed and flared, draped, elbow flutter sleeves, the angel sleeve. They will be the most interesting and bespoke dress detail of 2020. Other things you can expect to see on the rise are pastel toned dresses—shades like blue, rose and lavender will be big. There is also a move to a very feminine feel with a seventies vibe. Dresses will be looser, less restrained and structured. I am loving the idea of ballgowns with an edge and have actually pulled out a bustle pattern of mine from the mid ‘90s for brides requesting a modern princess look and there are a lot of ‘80s feels happening with the puffed sleeve.” —Catherine Langlois, Bride By Catherine Langlois, 2019 Canadian Bridal Designer winner

Photography courtesy of Uno Jo Bridal Hair.

WEDDING HAIR “Relaxed, textured and messy updos have definitely been the biggest wedding hair story of 2019. I’ve also had a lot of requests for the messy ponytail. Brides want effortless hair and I see that continuing for 2020 but what is changing is the hair accessories for brides. Pins, barrettes and brooches have been so big in fashion for hair and that is an emerging trend that’s being embraced for brides. Instead of classic bridal hair gems, brides will lean towards simple and fashion-forward pieces to accessorize their wedding hair.” —Uno Jo, Uno Jo Bridal Hair, 2019 Bridal Hair winner

Photography courtesy of Radford Studio.

BRIDAL MAKEUP “We are saying goodbye to the overly done, cakey makeup look of years past. Brides now want that fresh and dewy makeup, with natural foundation and skin that glows with the right use of highlighting powder Eyes should be enhanced, but no heavy liner and dark shadows. A hint of lashes extensions (go natural, nothing too long or too thick!). No bold coloured lips, instead just a hint of nude or pink. Moving into 2020 it’s all about letting your inner beauty shine through, with makeup that will last dusk until dawn! This trend in makeup compliments the new bridal hair, which is relaxed, and also very natural looking—nothing to overly structured. Also let’s not forget about great skin on your wedding day, which is the foundation to great beauty. Microneedeling is the new ‘it’ treatment and it requires little downtime. This minimally invasive cosmetic procedure treats skin concerns via collagen production and uses fine needles to create hundreds of tiny, invisible puncture wounds in the top layer of skin. The micro-injuries stimulate the body’s natural wound healing processes, resulting in cell turnover and increased collagen and elastin production. It’s a tiny bit of pain for a huge gain–you will notice a difference in your skin with just one treatment!” —Victoria Radford, owner of Radford Studio and 2019 Makeup Artist winner

Photography courtesy of Langdon Hall Country House Hotel & Spa.

DÉCOR/FOOD/PLANNING “The garden party is a huge trend for weddings. The great thing about this theme is that it can be interpreted many different way and made super personal. Everything from gingham tablecloths to fruit and burlap in centerpieces, as well as unexpected and dramatic botanical elements in their floral décor. There is also starting to be a swing away from the sweet table spreads (you may want to skip the sugar altogether!) in favour of the savory spread—sliders, fries, pizzas, grill cheese. More couples are going this route for guests and late night nibbles. Lasting a trend that started to come on strong in 2019 and will only gain momentum in 2020 is the short-window booking for weddings. Planning a wedding in six months (or less!) is becoming the new norm and venues can absolutely accommodate this. Don’t think you can’t get it done, well in 2020 you absolutely can!” Tiffany Kyryliuk, event and wedding co-ordinator, Langdon Hall Country House Hotel & Spa, 2019 Hotel Wedding Venue winner

Photography courtesy of Paper & Poste.

STATIONERY “Couples looking for a custom invitation experience are often hoping create an invitation suite as personal and unique as possible so custom art work is becoming a huge thing. Many of our recent clients want to create custom artwork which some way representative of themselves, their interests and/or the venue where they’re getting married! This could mean a romantic watercolour painting of the venue in the liner, a hand drawn map, or a cute and playful portrait of the couple themselves (and often their pets as well) as the focus on the main invitation piece. Expect also to see an experiment with the addition of less expected elements like a colourful wax seal, laser cut inner envelopes, white ink addressing or printed vellum bellybands. The possibilities are endless if you’re willing to experiment with less traditional approaches to invitation classics.” Rasa Morrison, graphic designer, Paper & Poste, 2019 Wedding Stationary winner

Cake by A. Elizabeth Cakes.

WEDDING CAKES “For 2020 there are a few very cool things on the radar. Colour palettes are shifting away from traditional pinks and pastels towards a sunnier palette— think oranges, yellows, ivory and nude tones. I'm seeing these colours replacing traditional white wedding cakes as well as appearing in floral cake accents. Acrylic tiers are another detail becoming huge in the cake world. Whether they are used as short spacer tiers, or as a transparent focal point, clear, acrylic accents can be a fun way to bring a modern edge into your cake design. I love the idea of showcasing some blooms inside an acrylic tier or even adding lights or a suspended monogram. Lastly, ikebana inspired floral arrangements are now happening with cakes. Whether they are handmade sugar flowers, or fresh flowers provided by your florist, so many cakes include floral accents. Think about arranging them in a wild and natural ikebana styled look, as opposed to more traditional tight clusters. Ikebana explores the natural shape and form of flowers, often leaving exposed stems and utilizing leaves and buds.” A. Elizabeth Cakes, 2019 Wedding Cake winner

Photography courtesy of Blush Photography.

PHOTOGRAPHY The trend of having wedding portraits taken on a separate day will only grow in 2020. Instead of spending your wedding day with the photographer racing from location to location to take photos, this option allows you to enjoy the precious time of your wedding day with your family and friends. It allows you also to capture portraits in more beautiful locations and time of day, as they you are not confined to the location or schedule of your wedding. Props are OUT (no more gigantic balloons or signs!) and photos are becoming more candid with a more genuine, authentic and timeless quality. Along with this thought so too has come the rise of honeymoon photography. I have always thought getting professional photos on your honeymoon was an amazing idea and it’s now starting to catch on... I’m receiving more and more requests for honeymoon shoots.” —Kristy Ryan, photographer and co-owner of Blush Photography, 2019 Wedding Photography winner


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