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10 Questions To Ask Your Makeup Artist During Your Bridal Trial

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Selecting the right makeup artist for your wedding can be a difficult decision, especially if you have never had your makeup professionally done before. The makeup trial is a key task on your wedding to do list because it not only ensures you and your chosen makeup artist are a great fit with each other but allows you to design the perfect wedding beauty look for you. You artist will expertly guide you through the process and suggest tips and tricks for leading up to the day and for the day to ensure you look feel the most beautiful.

Here are the 10 key questions you should ask your makeup artist during your makeup trial to make sure you get the best results, and everything goes smoothly on your wedding day.

1. Are you available?
A basic question, but an important one! Don’t assume just because you have an artist you love they are available for your day. Make sure they are open for a booking on the date of your wedding before you book the trial. This should be asked before you even set up the trial. There is nothing worse that falling in love with a makeup artist and they are not able to work with you for the wedding!

2. How many people are you able to accommodate for wedding makeup day-of?
Some makeup artists need two hours per person and some need 30 minutes depending on their style. You may need two or three makeup artists depending on the size of your wedding if you want your bridesmaids and moms beautified too.

3. What skin care should I use?
Makeup artist aren’t estheticians, but we do know a lot about skin! The more you take care of your skin and work to get it in the best shape possible, the better your makeup will look. Ask your makeup if there are things you can do and products to use to ensure great skin on the big day.

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4. What style of makeup should I wear on my wedding day?
You have a personal beauty style (whether you’re aware of it or not). Bring lots of pictures of makeup you like and let your makeup artist know what you are looking for. Try to find images featuring people who have skin tones and features similar to you. If your makeup artist insists on an overall look that isn’t your style that is a red flag that you may not be a beauty match!

5. Can I be honest about my makeup likes and dislikes?
It’s okay to like or dislike specific makeup items. You should express that to your makeup artist. However, he or she may suggest things to you for your wedding day which are just a little out of your normal routine…and you may in fact love the new additions. Your trial is a great time to try these things out.

6. Can I use some of my favorite products from my makeup bag?
Some makeup products are your ride or die. It’s okay to tell your makeup artist that you would like to use some of these products. I also believe it’s the best way to get a look you love for the day.

7. What products will I need to buy?
You will absolutely need to invest in your wedding day lip colour so you can touch up during the day and night. If you won’t have your artist on hand freshen you up, ask for a list of essentials you will need.

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8.. Can you take a few pictures of the trial makeup?
YES! It’s important to take a few pictures to see yourself up close and further away to get the overall feel. It’s also handy to have pictures to refer to on the wedding day.

9. Do you provide a makeup touch up day-of and how much does it cost?
If you are getting married in July there isn’t enough setting spray in the world to stop you from sweating. Ask your makeup artist if they can come by at some point and refresh your makeup. That can be built into your wedding makeup fee.

 10. I don’t like something my makeup artist has done during my trial, can I ask if we can tweak it?
This is what we do and do not worry about offending anyone! If when your trial is finished there are a few things you don’t love, express your concerns! Often, we have a solution to the problem and it could be as simple as changing the foundation or using a different type blush.

Robert Weir has been a makeup artist for twenty years and his work has graced the pages of internationally renowned magazines including Vogue Arabia, Vogue Italia, Vman, Purple Magazine, Nylon and  The Globe and Mail. His celebrity client range includes Nelly Furtado, Saint Vincent, Tessa and Anna Wintour.

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