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& For Love 2014 Wedding Dresses


& For Love 2014 Wedding Dresses

& For Love is a Canadian bridal line founded in 2012 by designers Angel Spendlove and Julie Forand and their lineup of boho beautiful gowns for 2014 is ultra-chic. All of the silhouettes featured in their dreamy 12-piece wedding dress collection are sleek and simple, perfect for a modern, unfussy bride. “Our bride is very downtown, urban, cool and classy,” Spendlove shared at a recent trunk show at White Toronto.

“The inspiration for the line came from a lot my friends who were looking for plainer dresses that didn’t have a ton of detailing on them and they couldn’t find anything.” Forand said in recent years they’ve noticed with brides there has been a shift away from dramatic princess-style dresses to something a little more relaxed and comfortable. “Brides are more into looking and feeling like themselves on their wedding day and not everyone is comfortable in a big, detailed dress.”

All of the wedding dresses in the & For Love collection are made in Toronto using feather-light fabrics (all dresses weigh less than a pound!) “You are going to be in your wedding dress for up to 14 hours so it should definitely be comfortable,” Spendlove said. There are also six accessory pieces that are part of the current collection including floral crowns and feathered headpieces.

We asked for their one piece of advice for brides when it comes to wedding dress shopping and the response from the & For Love team was surprisingly simple: “Don’t lose yourself in the whole craze of wedding planning. Stay true to you and wear something that completely embodies your style and your personality!”

Photography courtesy of & For Love

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