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by Sarah Valiant on
Fraudulent Practices

This woman is as unprofessional as they come. I organized and coordinated this year's Garrison Ball. I hired a very good friend to design the lounges which would be filled with 1940's furniture and props. To outfit such a large venue, my friend outsourced a number of items out to Happily Ever After Events Inc. She delivered 30% of the items and mid way through set up she left saying a second truck would be arriving momentarily with items that were crucial to the entire design. The truck never came. She never called or returned NUMEROUS messages. She turned up at the end of the event saying a truck broke down (after reading all of these reviews and reviews on other sites it seems this is a classic excuse for her!).
During tear down she then proceeded to take a vintage cosmetic case of mine that housed a number of pieces of donated antique jewellery that high profile guests wore. After police were called and she was finally tracked down she said she would return it the next day. After two phone calls the next day that she promised to return, I still did not have my hands on the precious jewellery. On the 3rd day I called her and left a stern message saying I expected the jewellery to be returned immediately. She called back saying she was getting annoyed at the hysterics that were going on. Because people are normally calm when valuable jewellery goes missing and the person who took it turns out to have had lawsuits taken against them and apparently has been arrested for fraud!!!
She finally returned the items, but not after numerous phone calls and threats. Her excuse for her tardiness was her daughter missed her bus back to school and then she got a flat tire! Obviously this woman is a pathological liar.

The items were finally returned, but not after numerous phone calls and threats.

We then proceeded to ask her when she would be repaying my friend for the items that never turned up. (My friend paid her in advance). She ignored our questions, proceeded to load her van of items she had left behind the previous Saturday and then took off.

This woman absolutely deserves to written up and have her business license revoked. Good people do not deserve to be treated like this. It absolutely breaks my heart to hear of all the brides that were taken advantage of and had their wedding days ruined.
How a person can do this and still hold her head up is beyond me.

by Robin on

I am another vendor in the wedding industry and this summer (2014) I had 6 people... SIX... come into my business and just crumble to tears while sharing the stress and trauma they endured from using Happily Ever After Events Inc. (Oakville). It's upsetting because this company steals from people. If they fail to bring items they have deposits on and then they do not reimburse. They are late or do not show at all. The issues go on and on. The owner was recently arrested for her fraudulent behaviour (cutting cheques to closed accounts) and still, her ads are on kijiji sourcing new victims. DON't use them! If you want to take action, send messages to any media outlet that supports them. It must STOP.

by Jill Denine on
Not so happily ever after

We took her to court and won but she wont pay! Just put her name on the internet and she has so many cases against her! She also keeps moving and not paying her bills. She is on the run!