Trendy Destinations To Consider For Your Honeymoon

trendy honeymoon destinations - kauai

Your honeymoon is the chance to splash out on the trip of a lifetime (you can even opt for a travel registry to cover some of the cost) so no ordinary vacation destination will do. Think of this post-wedding trip as the opportunity to take a bucket list vacation that you’ll still be talking about on your silver anniversary.

Where in the world should you go? We asked the experts at travel search engine KAYAK for some intel on which destinations are trending with Canadians right now. Click through the gallery below to explore the top five spots Canadians have been searching for in the past six months. Some of the results may surprise you (but they’re all great honeymoon options).

When it comes to nailing down your dates the experts at KAYAK say that Friday is the cheapest day to fly out and start your trip compared to any other day of the week, while returning home on Monday is your best bet (all the more reason to take an extended vacation). Keep in mind that, according to KAYAK, flight prices decrease slightly for domestic flights on Tuesdays and international flights on Thursdays so those would be the days to search for and book your trip. You can use this helpful tool to get a rough idea of how much your dream destination will cost during the time you’re hoping to honeymoon.