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Wedding Favours 101: Expert Tips For Giving The Best Gifts

Wedding Favours 101: Expert Tips For Giving The Best Gifts

Wedding planners weigh in on how to keep your parting gifts on point.
This Is Where To Get The Cutest Plant Wedding Favours In Toronto

This Is Where To Get The Cutest Plant Wedding Favours In Toronto

This Toronto-based company specializes in personalized succulent favours.
Wedding Favours Your Guests Will Actually Be Excited About

Wedding Favours Your Guests Will Actually Be Excited About

Eight universally appealing parting gifts your friends and family are sure to love.
Charming DIY Wedding Favours

Charming DIY Wedding Favours

Gift your guests with thoughtful homemade favours.
Vintage Wedding Favours: 10 Original Ideas For Your Retro Celebration

Vintage Wedding Favours: 10 Original Ideas For Your Retro Celebration

Gift your guests with "something old" to pay homage to your antique theme.
Chocolate Wedding Favours Your Guests Will Love

Chocolate Wedding Favours Your Guests Will Love

10 different types of treats to satisfy every sweet tooth.

Who Doesn’t Love Marshmallows?

If you’re looking for a sweet treat that will please even the pickiest of palates, why not serve chocolate dipped marshmallows? I tried this DIY project over the weekend for my aunt and uncle’s silver anniversary bash. The result?

Canada Day Inspiration

What better way to show your Canadian pride at your wedding then with these cupcakes and cupcake liners from The Caketress.

Who Loves Ice Cream?

In my opinion, a summer celebration just wouldn’t be complete without any ice cream involved. But, if an ice cream bar doesn’t appeal to you, how about ice cream-inspired chocolates?

Current Obsession: Cute and Chic Wedding Decorations!

For me, a wedding that wows, is a celebration brimming and overflowing with details galore. I love seeing the bride and groom incorporate their personality into their wedding, be it through their food, stationery and/or decorations. If you feel the

Cake Inspiration from Britain

These whimsical wedding cakes from Choccywooccydoodah (a Britain cake shop) really take things to the next level. Specializing in chocolate-based cakes and treats, this sweet shop knows how to whip up a delicious and decadent confection coated in fine Belgian

A New Candy Bar Concept

By now you’ve all been privy to some of the most amazing dessert/candy bar set-ups. But, for a little twist on tradition, why not switch things up with different candy vessels in the form of paper origami?

Wedding Favours: Create Your Own Jam

Love the idea of creating homemade jams or sauces to use as wedding favours, but don’t have an old family recipe to follow? We’ve got two that we think will be a huge hit amongst your guests: Blueberry Lemon Sauce

Wedding Decor Ideas for Under $10

Any other bridesmaids out there looking for fun and summery bridal shower ideas? Or, simply looking for budget-friendly decor items for your reception? Right now I am in the midst of planning a bridal shower this summer for my cousin

Godiva Wedding Favours

What could be more decadent and luxurious than a box of Godiva chocolates to give to your guests? Not only do these beautifully sculpted sweets (from a couture cake to a pretty petal) look good, but they sure do taste

Chocolate Lollipops

For all you chocolate lovers out there, I bet you wouldn’t be able to resist these yummy pure dark chocolate pops from VanillaStick.

Inspiration: Vintage Vibe

Clockwise from top left: Dress, courtesy BHLDN. Flowers, photography courtesy Sandra Regier. Seen in Real Wedding: Seaside Getaway Garland, photography courtesy Earmark via Etsy. Seen in the story: Vintage-Wedding Theme Ideas Table Setting, courtesy Photobolic. Seen in Real Wedding: Love

Day 34: Wedding Mugs

Love the look of this official royal wedding commemorative loving cup? We certainly do.

Fabulous Favours

Looking for wedding favours that are both unique and fun? We found eight colourful items that your guests are guaranteed to love and cherish. {All photography by Carlo Mendoza}.

Current Obsession: DIY Favours

I can’t stop ogling these Made with Love favour tags by Arnelle. Although it’s such a simple concept, I absolutely love the idea of creating your own jars of homemade items. In this case, Arnelle creatively packed together some delicious

Chocolate Love

Pi Day may have already come and gone but that doesn’t stop me from showcasing this delectable piece of chocolate from Chocolate Editions. I’m not usually big on math, but if you and your misters are numbers people then this

Current Obsession: Oreo Cookies

Can you believe that these decadent goodies are actually made out of oreo cookies? I love that Sweeties by Kim took such a basic, yet childhood favourite, treat and transformed it into an elegant cookie.

Current Obsession: Wedding Sparklers

To me sparklers are a great reminder of all the good things associated with your childhood. The only sad part about them is that they don’t last very long–it’s a good thingmy parents stocked up because they knew how much

More Valentine’s Day Treats

As Valentine’s Day approaches (have you been following our 14-day countdown to heart day by the way?) my inbox has been nothing but flooded with shades and visions of red, pink, treats and hearts galore. From romantic fragrances to sexy

Wedding Do: Pick Your Favours

As a guest, one of my favourite wedding details are the favours. I love it when they’re personalized and speak volumes of the couple.