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Wedding Bands For Every Bridal Style

Wedding Bands For Every Bridal Style

Getting married this summer? It's time to pick out this essential piece of jewellery.
5 Tips for Choosing The Perfect Wedding Bands

5 Tips for Choosing The Perfect Wedding Bands

How to pick rings you'll both love for the long haul.
Alternative Wedding Bands for the Modern Bride

Alternative Wedding Bands for the Modern Bride

Consider mixing metals and textures to play up your engagement ring in a modern way.

The Ring’s The Thing

I’ve never met a jewellery store I didn’t like. Whether it’s fine or costume is really beside the point, to me, it’s about the thrill of the hunt: Pouncing on a sparkly pin, slipping on a sleek cuff, hanging colourful

The Crown Jewels

Let’s face it, Kate Middleton’s stunning engagement ring isn’t the only amazing piece of jewellery she’s going to be wearing over the next year. Indeed, jewellery has always played an important role in the Royal Family, especially when it comes

Tiffany & Co. Launches App

Now I can have literally have breakfast at Tiffany’s everyday thanks to the company’s shiny new app that I just downloaded on to my iPhone. The Tiffany & Co. Engagement Ring Finder puts dazzling Tiffany diamonds in the palm of

Double Ring Ceremony

Brides choosing to wear two dresses for their party (usually one for the ceremony and one for the party) has been a mini-trend in weddings for sometime, but how about the idea of having two wedding rings?

Video of the Week: Wedding Rings

Have you and your mister had a chance to pick out your wedding bands yet? Weddingbells talks to Tiffany & Co. to find out how to choose the perfect pair.

With this Ring, I Thee Wed

For Christmas this year, Bojan and I decided to shop for our wedding bands.  We’ve searched online at many different sites ( is awesome for education and selection by the way) but we wanted to visit a few jewellery stores

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Knot

I stumbled across this adorable “Forget Me Not” ring while browsing The Ministry of the Interior’s website, and I couldn’t help thinking what a great alternative wedding band this would be (particularly in platinum).

With This Ring…

How important is it to you that your future husband wears a wedding band?