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How To Pick The Perfect Wedding Theme

How To Pick The Perfect Wedding Theme

Not sure where to start when it comes to selecting a theme? These unexpected sources of inspiration should enlighten you.
Host A Wizard of Oz Wedding

Host A Wizard of Oz Wedding

Wedding ideas inspired by Dorothy and her friends.
Old Hollywood Glamour Wedding Ideas

Old Hollywood Glamour Wedding Ideas

Inspiring ideas influenced by this glitzy era.
Charming Ampersand Accents for Your Whimsical Wedding

Charming Ampersand Accents for Your Whimsical Wedding

Incorporate this special character into everything from your invitations to your reception decor.

10 Fabulous Feather Accents for Your Wedding Day

Feathers are whimsical and fun and extremely versatile—you can wear them in your hair or carry them in your bouquet. Not only that, but you can pick a feather motif for your stationery, wedding cake and more! Here are 10

Destination Wedding Invitations

Does your destination wedding need to have a “destination” theme? Not necessarily. It is really up to you and your personal taste. Don’t feel that if you are having a beach wedding you need to have palm trees or flip

What is a Theme?

Some couples have a specific theme for their wedding—a time period like Art Deco, a flower like the Cherry Blossom, or a season like fall. In this case the venue, invitations, decor, flowers and attire generally fit with the theme,

Spanish Affair

When I saw these images from Paperwink (a creative stationery studio)–I just had to share.

Fine Stationery

I love the concept of having a matching set of stationery and favours.


If you are looking to have your wedding feel more like a summer get-together, rather then a formal affair, adding fruit to your florals may be the perfect solution.

The Big Ticket

One wedding theme that I think never gets old is the whole theatre/movie idea.

School’s Out

I recently viewed a wedding that was tailored around a “school” motif.

Party Time!

Happy New Year’s to all the recently engaged (or what I like to call the Christmas brides) and to all those that have been with us over the last year. Can’t believe it’s 2010. For some of you, wedding plans

Pretty Prints

I keep telling my bride-to-be friends that you don’t have to narrow down your wedding day theme to one choice. There’s more than having just a “beach-inspired” wedding or an “all-pink” motif. You can find inspiration in pretty much everything.