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If you’re anything like us you’re having trouble sleeping right about now! We’re mere hours away from the big event, and we can’t wait to watch the guests arriving—and to finally see Kate’s wedding dress for the first time! Starting

Chocolate Biscuit Cake Anyone?

As we mentioned a few weeks back, the royal wedding will not only have one, but TWO delicious cakes. One being a Chocolate Biscuit Cake (Will’s choice of course). Today, The Toronto Star published a delicious recipe for the treat.

Royal Icing

Inspired by Kate and Will’s decision to adorn a few posies to their wedding cake, or simply in love with their modern yet elegant theme? We are too! To get you in wedding cake mode, we found 10 towering tiers

Two Cakes for Kate and Will’s Wedding Day

As mega-sweet lovers, we were super-excited to learn that Kate and Will have chosen TWO confections to treat their guests to. One being a more traditional tiered fruit cake created by Leicestershire baker Fiona Cairns, whose client list includes big
Day 33: Honeymoon Like a Royal

Day 33: Honeymoon Like a Royal

Feel like bathing in the lap of luxury in the Maldives? Or are you up for some adventure in Africa? With all the beautiful and private places across the globe, there’s no reason why you can’t splurge and vacation like

Day 34: Wedding Mugs

Love the look of this official royal wedding commemorative loving cup? We certainly do.

Day 35: Royal Wedding China

How adorable are these Denby Loving Bunnies? Our home and registry guru, Catherine, spotted them off of Denby’s website.

Day 36: Could Stephanie Allin Be Kate’s Dress Designer?

At this point and time, it’s pretty much a guessing game on who Kate’s dress designer will be–but that doesn’t keep us from guessing. Added to our list of potential creators for Kate’s gown is Stephanie Allin–a high-end Welsh couture

Day 37: Royal-Inspired Wedding Registry

On the hunt for something blue or something new? Why not incorporate that old adage into your gift registry?

Day 38: Royal Wedding Transportation

How will Kate and William arrive to Buckingham Palace? Well, in a carriage, of course.

Day 39: More Headpiece Options for Kate

As per the make of her wedding dress, her shoes and every other item she’ll be wearing on her wedding day, Kate has also kept things mum on what type of veil or hair accessory she’ll be walking down the

Day 54: The Best Way to Watch the Royal Wedding

If you can’t make it to London on April 29th to watch Will and Kate tie the knot, then we’ll take the second best option, which is watching from the comfort of your very own suite at Acqualina Resort &

Day 55: Kate Middleton’s Fave Dessert

Earlier on in the countdown we blogged about Will’s fave dessert, banana flan, and the potential of this sweet treat being on the wedding menu. Now it seems we’ve been privy to Kate’s favourite treat: Sticky Toffee Pudding. These two

Day 57: Kate and Will Launch Wedding Website

And, it’s official, Kate and Will have done what most couples in this day and age do–launch their own wedding website entitled: The Royal Wedding. Just like most newlyweds-to-be, Kate and Will’s site is packed with useful information stemming from

Day 58: Manolo Blahnik Design With Kate In Mind

It’s not every day that you get five known designers to sketch a shoe just for you. Then again, it’s not every day that you get to marry a prince. Luckily for Kate, she’s got both. Inspired by the royal

Day 60: Royal Wedding Bouquet

Plenty of details surrounding the royal wedding may be hush hush–who’s going to make the dress, where are they honeymooning, etc. etc.

Day 82: The Royals are Coming to Canada…

… maybe. One can only hope! The last time Weddingbells came close to a royal was when Sophie, countess of Wessex, was in our office building stopping by for a visit at Verity. It was years back, but we braced

Day 83: Another Comic Book Cover for Will and Kate

In less than a month, Will and Kate have had two comic book covers dedicated to them, with this one being the latest for Fame: The Royals–which goes on sale in April 2011.

Day 84: Could Banana Flan Be on the Royal Wedding Menu?

According to, Darren McGrady, Princess Diana’s former chef, revealed that of all the delicious desserts banana flan topped Prince William’s list of favourite food. Perhaps Will and Kate will pay homage to their fave meals and add this one

Day 85: Victoria Beckham Creates Line for Kate Middleton

As a wedding gift to Kate, Victoria Beckham has reportedly already begun a line of custom dresses to give to Kate for her honeymoon.

Day 87: New Mugs for Kate and Will Revealed

We’ve all been privy to the royal couple mugs that have been stamped with the iconic engagement photo of Will and Kate. But, these ones, seen in OK! Magazine, certainly take the cake for being one of the more classic

Royal Wedding Details Revealed

We’re still anxious to hear more about Kate Middleton’s gown (Which designer will she choose? What will it look like?), but in the mean time we’ll have to be contented with some further details about the ceremony itself. On April

Zara Phillips Announces Engagement

It looks like 2011 is going to be a big year for royal weddings! On the heels of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s engagement, the Queen’s granddaughter Zara Phillips announced she will wed long-time boyfriend Mike Tindall, a professional rugby

Kate & Will–This Cake’s For You

Don’t you love this gorgeous sketch? Lori from the Caketress sent it over to me. Definitely fit for a royal wedding! Here’s what Lori had to say about the sketch:

The Royal Dream Theme

Although purple is the standard royal colour, based on what see and know of Kate and William–there’s a huge change we’ll be seeings lots of classic white touches–from flowers to the cake to their centrepieces to perhaps even their stationery.