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Romantic Wedding Cakes

This week I’ve been surrounded by the most GORGEOUS cakes and flowers you could possibly imagine. Unfortunately, I can’t share those inspiring images with you until the magazine hits stands in July. But, if you’d like a sneak peek do

Current Obsession: Sculpted Cakes

What’s not to love about this cake from Roxycakes? Everything from the cupcake down to the bundt cake is sculpted to look like the real deal.

one gorgeous giant cupcake

I love it when I get e-mails with subject lines like: giant cupcake! That’s what I got from Roxy at Roxycakes yesterday morning. She knows my huge affinity for pretty much cupcakes-anything and decided to send me an image of

DIY: Sweet Series Part 5 of 5

These adorable cake pops are the perfect size for, well, popping in your mouth! You can easily whip up these simple treats using virtually any cake recipe and your favourite frosting. Find out how Roxy makes them after the jump.

DIY: Sweet Series Part 4 of 5

For those of you who don’t know the proper term, these bite-size cakes are actually called Petits Fours–in French it’s translated into small or little oven. Like any dessert, these goods are meant to be eaten at the end of

DIY: Sweet Series Part 3 of 5

For today’s DIY treat, Roxy decided to take cookies to the next level with these deliciously-looking cookie cakes! Isn’t it a brilliant idea?! Of all the DIY’s we’ve showcased this week, I think this one is by far the easiest.

DIY: Sweet Series Part 2 of 5

Yesterday we showcased delicious DIY mini fudge cakes. Today, Roxy and I agreed that a party wouldn’t be complete without Chocolate Dipped Strawberries–white chocolate that is. See Roxy’s instructions below!

DIY: Sweet Series Part 1 of 5

Earlier this morning I wrote that we had a secret guest blogger who would be showcasing some fun and easy DIY sweet options. Right now, I’m happy to reveal that our secret guest blogger for the week is (drum roll

Hmm, bouquets or cupcakes? You decide.

I’m sure most of you can relate to me when I say that there’s nothing more stressful than coming back to work on a Tuesday morning (after the long weekend!) to endless amounts of e-mails. BUT, I was super-glad to

Stephanie’s Cupcakes

No these aren’t cupcakes made for our online editor Stephanie. But that’s what Roxy over at Roxycakes calls them. I love working with Roxy, she always does an amazing job whenever we ask for a specific design for a shoot.

Rosie Picks: Cake Makers

I’m so proud to be Canadian! No truly. And, not just because I was born here, but working within the wedding industry has shown me that we have some pretty darn good talent out there. So, starting every first Monday

Sweet Peony

I love, love, love, LOVE peonies! Unfortunately, they’re only in season during a certain time of the year. But, I did find an easy way to get these pretty flowers into your wedding without having to import. The solution?

Simple Cupcakes

As promised, I am dedicating this week’s post to sweet ideas! It’s just a small sample of what we have stored away—so if there’s anything that you’d love to see more of, do let me know! I love looking for

Trick or treat?

Two weeks ago Alison received a special delivery of delicious and gorgeous cupcakes from Roxy at Roxy Cakes ( It just so happened that I left early for a dentist appointment that day, so I never got to taste them.