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Three-Ingredient Cocktails Your Guests Will Love

Three-Ingredient Cocktails Your Guests Will Love

Because nothing kills a party faster than a lineup at the bar.
Tasty Signature Cocktails For Fall And Winter Weddings

Tasty Signature Cocktails For Fall And Winter Weddings

Delicious drink recipes designed especially for cool-weather weddings.

The Comfort Food Every Reception Should Have

French fries at a wedding? Heck yes! There’s nothing more satisfying and tempting than french fries for dinner. Okay, maybe not dinner, but perhaps for a midnight snack? And why not? They’re delicious and a complete crowd pleaser.

Chocolate Biscuit Cake Anyone?

As we mentioned a few weeks back, the royal wedding will not only have one, but TWO delicious cakes. One being a Chocolate Biscuit Cake (Will’s choice of course). Today, The Toronto Star published a delicious recipe for the treat.

DIY: Sweet Series Part 3 of 5

For today’s DIY treat, Roxy decided to take cookies to the next level with these deliciously-looking cookie cakes! Isn’t it a brilliant idea?! Of all the DIY’s we’ve showcased this week, I think this one is by far the easiest.

DIY: Sweet Series Part 2 of 5

Yesterday we showcased delicious DIY mini fudge cakes. Today, Roxy and I agreed that a party wouldn’t be complete without Chocolate Dipped Strawberries–white chocolate that is. See Roxy’s instructions below!

DIY: Sweet Series Part 1 of 5

Earlier this morning I wrote that we had a secret guest blogger who would be showcasing some fun and easy DIY sweet options. Right now, I’m happy to reveal that our secret guest blogger for the week is (drum roll

mmm, shortbread cookies!

Our friends over at Canadian Family just posted this REALLY mouth-watering image of a lemon & lavender shortbread cookie. Looking at them kind of makes you want to pull them from your screen and munch on one right now. Yum,

Mmm, dessert!

Right now, I’m sad to say, I am on a sugar restriction. Can’t eat anything sweet for the next few days–darn you throat infection! So, I’ve settled for second best, if I can’t eat the yummy items, the least I

Jam Packed

I love hearing about sweet favours. No wait, let me re-phrase, I love receiving sweet favours, and right now I am coveting this Cherry with Organic Star Anise jam from lemonbird’s shop.