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A Modern Vintage Wedding In Vancouver

A Modern Vintage Wedding In Vancouver

This couple wanted a celebration that combined a French vintage aesthetic with Asian minimalism.

Wedding Photography Crush on Simply Rosie Photography

Now I know what you all are thinking, that I’m bias to Simply Rosie Photography because we share the same name. You may be right–no just kidding. Even though she has one of the most awesomest names in the world,

A Casual Affair

When longtime customer, turned friend, emailed me late July to say that he and his girlfriend had decided to get married August 21st, it was a welcomed surprise!  We had a little over three weeks to transform their beautiful beach

Ballroom Elegance

This weekend I saw a truly amazing backyard transformation. It took skillful coordination and attention to detail on the event planner’s part, but the result was simply stunning. A tent was placed right behind the hostess’ house, allowing the guests

How Taboo!

I always love the opportunity to take a road trip! This one led me to the beautiful Muskoka resort of Taboo. This lovely couple had a definite idea of what they wanted their flowers to be: elegant and luxurious, with

Shoes or Barefoot?

One of the biggest destination wedding debates is whether or not to wear shoes. Are you a barefoot or heels gal? Most ladies I know like shoes a lot, and your wedding is a great time to splurge on a