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Oh so pretty!

I have never been one to update my computer background, but I had this picture on my phone background within 10 minutes of getting it off my camera. It is just such a darn pretty bouquet!

The Swoosh

Go ahead and order a plain fondant cake! The Swoosh will take care of the rest. :) This Swoosh consists of mini and large pink cymbidium orchids with some white dendrobium blooms in-between for depth. Since orchids are the hardiest

How Taboo!

I always love the opportunity to take a road trip! This one led me to the beautiful Muskoka resort of Taboo. This lovely couple had a definite idea of what they wanted their flowers to be: elegant and luxurious, with

Welcome Heat Wave

There is nothing better than a warm yellow palate to usher in the heat of the summer.  This bright wedding over looked our beautiful city from the skyscraper restaurant Canoe. I had fun using a variety of flowers to get

A Pretty Luncheon

I had the pleasure of creating a beautiful luncheon wedding at Auberge du Pommier a couple of weeks ago. It was one of our far too common rainy Saturday’s this summer, but the warmth of this romantic venue ensured the

Keeping It Simple

Sometimes the sweetest weddings are the small, intimate ones. If you are planning a simple ceremony, with a laid-back party to accompany it, it makes total sense to keep the flowers simple too.  Many brides who are planning on uncomplicated

Ooh Orchids!

I’ve recently been obsessed with reading Karen Tran Floral’s (a San Diego florist) blog. Okay, maybe not reading, more like scanning through all her beautiful photos and saving them onto my desktop for inspiration like this one.

Teatro Verde Be Still My Heart

I just got back from the opening of Teatro Verde located in Yorkville. Let me tell you–it was like being in a candy shop. My eyes were all over the place. But after I calmed down a bit, and as

Tropical Bouquets

I love flowers! Do you remember when White Rose used to be around? I recall going there when I was younger and being fascinated by all the pretty floral pictures posted in front of every seed packet.