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Day 95: Kate’s Title – What will it be?

There has been a lot of debate as to what Kate’s title will be once she says “I do” to William. The complexity arises from the fact that William’s father Charles, is currently the Prince of Wales. If Charles was

Katy Perry Now Mrs. Brand

Katy Perry has decided to officially change her name, according to The pop singer told Ellen Degeneres on Wednesday that she’s in the process of changing her name and has informally been going by Katy Brand, since their wedding

It’s Catherine, Not Kate

Well it seems as if her last name isn’t the only namesake of Miss Middleton’s that’ll be changing. Now that she is on her way to becoming a princess, and potentially even Queen (a poll conducted by YouGov in the

Name Game

To change or not to change? Personally, I love my name. First, middle and last. So at the moment, it’s staying the way it is.