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Who Doesn’t Love Marshmallows?

If you’re looking for a sweet treat that will please even the pickiest of palates, why not serve chocolate dipped marshmallows? I tried this DIY project over the weekend for my aunt and uncle’s silver anniversary bash. The result?

Most Awesomest Marshmallows Ever

Owner and baker Rosie Daykin makes these marshmallows look so yummy and appetizing that if I were in Vancouver I’d head straight for Butter Baked Goods and order some right now. Available in 18 delicious flavours (we hear their raspberry

DIY lanterns, marshmallows and bouquets

A Field Journal is by far one of the most inspiring and craftiest blogs we’ve spotted in awhile. Absolutely love everything. Their knack for creating easy yet pretty pieces makes it even more enticing for you to want to add

Mmm… Butter.

I don’t care what they say about butter, it’s darn good and way better than margarine and apparently healthier (or so they say!). Check out these amazingly, delicious goodies from Butter Baked Goods. I’m salivating just looking at them. Could

S’more Please!

Welcome back everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful long weekend. I just got back from the cottage and I’m already missing it. It felt so nice to get away from the city noise and completely immerse myself with

Marshmallow World

Mmm! This bowl of marshmallows looks so delicious I feel I could devour them all. I spotted these goodies off of Sweetness the Patisserie, a cute sweet shop that is, unfortunately in Australia, but is stacked with amazingly sweet and