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Chocolate Lollipops

For all you chocolate lovers out there, I bet you wouldn’t be able to resist these yummy pure dark chocolate pops from VanillaStick.

Friday Favourites

I’m loving these romantic floral accessories. Old fashioned lollipops are awesome. A gorgeous ring bearer pillow in the making. Japanese Tape + Seating Cards = AWESOME! Sophisticated. Sweet. A work of art. Can’t get enough of these cakes.

Lollipop Lollipop

I love hearing did you know facts. Because more than half the time, I don’t know. Yesterday I saw a fascinating tweet from foodimentary who tweeted: Did you know that the lollipop was first patented in 1931? The name came

Video Blog: I Heart Flour Studio!

Does not auto start, suitable for blog embeds. Sooooooo! I just filmed my first video blog EVER last week. We were at Flour Studio, a cute cupcake and floral shop located here in Toronto. Anywho, while I was recording our

Lollipop Lollipop

Mmm! This packaging makes it look like there’s gourmet lollipops hidden under them.