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An Intimate Romantic Wedding in Toronto, Ontario

An Intimate Romantic Wedding in Toronto, Ontario

Touches of baby's breath played up the romantic feel of this big city wedding.
Ideas For May Brides

Ideas For May Brides

Spring showers brings may flowers, so why not take advantage of all the pretty blooms, like lavender? Or, if you’re not a fan of the posy, get inspired by its gorgeous shade.

Inspiration: Love & Lavender

Clockwise from top left: Dress, courtesy Melissa Sweet Bridesmaids Fall 2011. Seen in this slide show. Bouquet, courtesy Albuquerque Florist. Seen in this slide show. Champagne, courtesy Culinary Capers. Seen in this article. Cupcakes, courtesy The Cupcake Gallery Blog. Boutonnières,

Day 60: Royal Wedding Bouquet

Plenty of details surrounding the royal wedding may be hush hush–who’s going to make the dress, where are they honeymooning, etc. etc.

Emmy Pick: Emily Blunt

If there was anyone that stood out for me during last night’s Emmy awards, it had to be the beautiful Emily Blunt–who was there accompanying her husband John Krasinski from The Office. Emily donned an elegant lavender chiffon Dior gown

mmm, shortbread cookies!

Our friends over at Canadian Family just posted this REALLY mouth-watering image of a lemon & lavender shortbread cookie. Looking at them kind of makes you want to pull them from your screen and munch on one right now. Yum,