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Great Girly Gift

I’m sitting at my desk and I’m surrounded by bottles of fabulous new fragrances. Fall is one of the biggest seasons for new fragrance launches and you’ll see many new ones debuting at cosmetic counters over the next few weeks.

Luxury for Men

When it comes to your fragrance for the big day we highly recommend selecting a special scent to enhance your wedding style. Not to be forgotten is your man! Besides a clean shave, neat nails and maybe some hair product,

Spritz On

This may sound like an odd idea, but when you really think about it, don’t you think a reception should not only look good but smell good too?

P.s. I Love You!

Hello fragrance! Just received word that this new perfume is coming to town.

Harajuku Fun

Just moments ago I received a nice surprise from Alison. She came tiptoeing over to my desk with this really cute Harajuku clutch bag. I couldn’t find the picture on Sephora, but it’s similar to this set except with more

A Fragrant Splash

With the warm weather here (well sort of…still cool in TO), it’s always nice to lighten things up in the beauty department.