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This Is How To Achieve A Sustainable Bridal Style

This Is How To Achieve A Sustainable Bridal Style

Some of our favourite places to pick up sustainable bridal pieces that will have your guests'—and the planet's—approval.
15 Green Wedding Ideas For The Eco-Friendly Bride

15 Green Wedding Ideas For The Eco-Friendly Bride

Natural, sustainable, recycled, alternatives for everything on your wedding day list.

Eco-Chic for Less

{Adele Wechsler Fern wedding dress, regularly $3050, on sale for $1200. Photo courtesy Adele Wechsler Design.} Looking for ways to be more eco-conscious when it comes to your big day? This week’s sample wedding dress comes from Adele Wechsler’s eco-couture

Adele Wechsler’s New Additions

It’s been a busy bridal season for Canadian dress designer Adele Wechsler. In addition to releasing her sixth Eco Couture collection of wedding dresses, Adele has also expanded her offerings to include bridal headpieces, plus-size gowns and bridesmaid dresses.

Current Obsession: Beeswax Candles

Bees may not be my favourite insects, but I do love them for their honeycomb-inspired patterns and the natural goodness that they provide for beeswax candles. I’m a huge fan of Big Dipper Wax Works for two reasons a) their

Final Details

Wow! The last post! I feel like I’ve barely shared all of my ideas with you and now I have but 500 very valuable words left to fill you in on the rest of the details. Here’s how we’ve put

Photos By Wei Will Brighten Your Day

Finding our photographer was probably the easiest part of the wedding planning process.  I already had a fairly clear idea of how I wanted our pictures to turn out, so when I came across the Photobolic website, I knew right

Organic Skincare

In Friday’s post I talked about my vacay to Antigua, and one find I made while there I had to share. For me hotel bath products can be a hit or miss. I’m not a fan if they’re too fragrant,

Green Party

Canadian designer Adele Wechsler truly broke new ground when she released her first Eco Couture collection several years ago. Since then she has certainly changed the way we look at environmentally friendly fashion: her dresses made from sustainable fabrics such

Postcard Invitations

As part of our plan to reduce our impact on the environment, we had to think hard about out wedding invites. Sure, the most environmentally friendly way to do it is to send out evites, but I’ve always loved receiving

Music Be the Food of Love

If music be the food of love, then we shall feast on our wedding day. Music is very important to Ger and I, so we want to make sure we have the perfect mix playing for the big day. We

Wow! Wooden Flowers

I was recently inspired by Cynthia Martyn’s latest blog inspiration on wooden flowers. At first glance these gorgeous blooms look like your ordinary elegant bouquet. But, once up close, you can definitely see all the pretty and little intricate details.

Juicy Tubes Go Natural

Did you know Juicy Tubes is celebrating its 10th anniversary? It’s hard to think it’s already been that long since the yummy glosses hit the beauty scene. When I bought my first tube it was a splurge for me at

Wedding Party Dressed in Eco-clothing

The most fun part of wedding planning has got to be planning the different outfits.  Since one of our goals is to consume the minimum amount of new materials in our wedding, this put a twist on the plans. It

Eco and Pretty and Canadian

Do you know that we have tons of books stacked with hundreds of invitations from vendors across Canada in our office? It’s crazy how many cool and different designs I come across every day, yet I, somehow, never get tired


I just attended the best bridal shower. I only wish I had come up with the idea myself! The shower was held at a cute little nail bar on Dundas Street in Toronto called Heartbreaker (998 Dundas St. W., 416-869-0440,

Wood You Be Mine?

I’ve seen some pretty creative stationery, but this is probably one of the best, and most eco-conscious, I’ve found.

Mineral Obsession

Mineral makeup is all the rage these days, in the eco-friendly era that is 2007. One of the pioneers of mineral makeup is a line called Jane Iredale and everything in this collection is, in a word, incredible! My local

Five tips for an eco-friendly wedding

It’s never been more hip to be green. Al Gore single-handedly brought back fervent environmentalism with his Oscar-winning documentary An Inconvenient Truth (if you haven’t seen it, watch it, it will have you thinking for days). In the weeks leading