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it’s a sweet world after all

{Photography courtesy Patrizia Castiglione from Magnolia} Just looking at all this delicious food–croissants, cookies, cotton candy, etc.–is making my mouth water. Love the dreamy and inviting presentation of everything. Big thanks goes out to Maddy K Food by Nicolina Servello

Fun Dessert Tables

You know what your bridal shower or wedding needs? A fun dessert table like this gorgeous one from Shauna Younge Dessert Tables. I love her style–it’s fresh and simple. The pink set-up was done with a preppy-chic design in mind

Eat What You Want Day

{image via Cocoa & Fig} Today is National Eat What You Want Day. So in honour of that, I’m posting a bunch of fun and sugary treats that are yummerific. Definitely think one of these could find a home at

who loves candy?!

I can’t tell how excited I am to share with you one of the most awesome candy vendors I’ve had the pleasure of speaking/working with–The Candy Store. As you all know our big 25th anniversary party is coming up this

DIY Dessert Bar–under $40

Um hello?! How adorable is this chic set-up? Bride Scouts featured this idea on their recently launched blog–featuring Canadian vendors and fun DIY ideas. This dessert bar was constructed from scratch all for the low price of $40 by Principal

DIY: Sweet Series Part 5 of 5

These adorable cake pops are the perfect size for, well, popping in your mouth! You can easily whip up these simple treats using virtually any cake recipe and your favourite frosting. Find out how Roxy makes them after the jump.

DIY: Sweet Series Part 4 of 5

For those of you who don’t know the proper term, these bite-size cakes are actually called Petits Fours–in French it’s translated into small or little oven. Like any dessert, these goods are meant to be eaten at the end of

DIY: Sweet Series Part 3 of 5

For today’s DIY treat, Roxy decided to take cookies to the next level with these deliciously-looking cookie cakes! Isn’t it a brilliant idea?! Of all the DIY’s we’ve showcased this week, I think this one is by far the easiest.

DIY: Sweet Series Part 2 of 5

Yesterday we showcased delicious DIY mini fudge cakes. Today, Roxy and I agreed that a party wouldn’t be complete without Chocolate Dipped Strawberries–white chocolate that is. See Roxy’s instructions below!

DIY: Sweet Series Part 1 of 5

Earlier this morning I wrote that we had a secret guest blogger who would be showcasing some fun and easy DIY sweet options. Right now, I’m happy to reveal that our secret guest blogger for the week is (drum roll

Sweet Week

As I write you this blog, I kid you not, I am most likely surrounded by dozens and dozens of cakes. Yes, it’s our major week for cakes and flowers (I’m hoping to have some ‘behind-the-scenes’ images to share with

Ooh Chocolat…

The Toronto Wedding Co. Show, spearheaded by Catherine Lash, that I went to over the weekend was amazing as usual. It’s always so fun to go out and say hello to everyone. But, what I love most about the shows

I’m Craving These Sweets

Okay, not gonna lie, my New Year’s resolution for sticking to “healthy snacks” is slowly diminishing after seeing all these delicious desserts from my current obsession–Sweet & Saucy shop. There’s really not much to say about these cakes, except–WOW! I’ll

Cheesy Idea

{image courtesy Jessica Claire} Yesterday Jenn kept raving about this amazing “Cheesecake on a Stick” idea that she tried at an event on Saturday. I was so intrigued by the thought that I decided to check it out for myself.

mmm, shortbread cookies!

Our friends over at Canadian Family just posted this REALLY mouth-watering image of a lemon & lavender shortbread cookie. Looking at them kind of makes you want to pull them from your screen and munch on one right now. Yum,

Mmm, dessert!

Right now, I’m sad to say, I am on a sugar restriction. Can’t eat anything sweet for the next few days–darn you throat infection! So, I’ve settled for second best, if I can’t eat the yummy items, the least I