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Fun Ways To Incorporate Canadiana Into Your Wedding

Fun Ways To Incorporate Canadiana Into Your Wedding

Wedding-appropriate Cancon to inject some patriotism into your big day.

A Cupcake-Themed Shower And Wedding

On September 17th Katherine Kallinis, costar of TLC’s DC Cupcakes, tied the knot to Ben Berman in Montecito, California. The cupcake queen’s signature sweet treats were a centrepiece of both the bridal shower and wedding. Cupcake placecards welcomed shower guests

Cool Treat: Ice Cream Cupcakes

Summer brides rejoice–Marble Slab Creamery has taken the classic cupcake and transformed it into something even more delicious: ice cream cupcakes. Can you think of anything better and cooler (especially on a hot day such as today) to serve to

Canada Day Inspiration

What better way to show your Canadian pride at your wedding then with these cupcakes and cupcake liners from The Caketress.

Cupcake Bouquet Anyone?

I’m a firm believer that wedding inspiration can be found anywhere and everywhere. And, with Mother’s Day just around the corner, you’d be surprised as to how much unique ideas you can take away from this special day. Topping my

More Valentine’s Day Treats

As Valentine’s Day approaches (have you been following our 14-day countdown to heart day by the way?) my inbox has been nothing but flooded with shades and visions of red, pink, treats and hearts galore. From romantic fragrances to sexy

one gorgeous giant cupcake

I love it when I get e-mails with subject lines like: giant cupcake! That’s what I got from Roxy at Roxycakes yesterday morning. She knows my huge affinity for pretty much cupcakes-anything and decided to send me an image of

current obsession: selina lake

Some of the best decor ideas come from talented stylists such as Selina Lake. I first fell in love with her work a few weeks ago and constantly found myself going back through her images for inspiration. The coloured roses,

what are ticings?

One dilemma that I often have when it comes to making homemade cupcakes/cakes is decorating them. I can usually get the recipe down to a tee, but when it comes to icing them to make them look semi-professional–I’m honestly horrible.

it’s a sweet world after all

{Photography courtesy Patrizia Castiglione from Magnolia} Just looking at all this delicious food–croissants, cookies, cotton candy, etc.–is making my mouth water. Love the dreamy and inviting presentation of everything. Big thanks goes out to Maddy K Food by Nicolina Servello

Eat What You Want Day

{image via Cocoa & Fig} Today is National Eat What You Want Day. So in honour of that, I’m posting a bunch of fun and sugary treats that are yummerific. Definitely think one of these could find a home at

Sweet Week

As I write you this blog, I kid you not, I am most likely surrounded by dozens and dozens of cakes. Yes, it’s our major week for cakes and flowers (I’m hoping to have some ‘behind-the-scenes’ images to share with

The Best of 2009!

{images via Rountree Flowers} Oh what a year it has been! 2009 has certainly had its fair share of wonderful wedding ideas–pretty flowers, delicious cupcakes, gorgeous real weddings–the inspirations are literally endless. This being my last blog post for the

Latest Craving: Cupcakes

Once again I’ve found another cute cupcake shop to share with you all, and guess what, they’re conveniently located in Montreal. The place? Clever Cupcakes! They were one of the featured vendors at the Bridal Boudoir Affair in Montreal last

Mmm… Butter.

I don’t care what they say about butter, it’s darn good and way better than margarine and apparently healthier (or so they say!). Check out these amazingly, delicious goodies from Butter Baked Goods. I’m salivating just looking at them. Could

Latest Obession: Le Cupcake

I think I’ve found my ultimate dream cupcake shop–Le Cupcake. Too bad they’re located in Australia! That’s okay though, their site (especially their flickr account) is filled, and I mean filled, with over 500 cupcake and cake designs. I just

Video Blog: I Heart Flour Studio!

Does not auto start, suitable for blog embeds. Sooooooo! I just filmed my first video blog EVER last week. We were at Flour Studio, a cute cupcake and floral shop located here in Toronto. Anywho, while I was recording our

Fashionable Sweets

Amy Atlas certainly knows how to raise the bar–er–the dessert bar that is. If you’re looking for candy/dessert inspiration for your wedding or even your bridal shower than I highly recommend taking a page from Amy Atlas’ book.

Tuesday Treat

It’s official! I’m jealous of all the cities in America that are fortunate enough to have a mobile cupcake shop. I just recently read about this company called Cupcake Stop, which is a company that pretty much drives around New

Fabulous Cakes Part 1

Last week, I was in the middle of brainstorming for some gorgeous cakes for the next issue. And every single time that I see something I always tell myself that I’ll return to the website, grab the image and share

The Great Cupcake Debate

Of all the flavours in the world, chocolate and vanilla are probably, no wait let me re-phrase that, ARE the most popular choices. But, when it comes to choosing between the two, who wins in the end? Are you more

Cake Pops

Do you know what cake pops are? Well, they’re exactly as you’d imagine them to be: cakes shaped like lollipops—cute, bite-size and with the texture of a cupcake. Make sense?