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Vendor Spotlight: The Caterer

We’re in full wedding swing now but you know choosing our vendors has been relatively easy because it’s about people. The biggest thing we’ve learned is that it’s better to go with someone you really get along with. You’re going

On the Farm

Wedding planning 101 might suggest you choose certain things before others when getting started. The one thing no one will dispute is deciding on your venue is probably the most important on the list. Our decision came easy as my

Photographer Found

{I love how this picture looks like it could have been taken a hundred years ago. Beautiful.} It’s that time! I want to start introducing some of the fabulous vendors we’ve chosen for our wedding. This process has actually been

The Planning Continues

Hey fellow brides, if you’re anything like me you feel that bridal shows might confuse you more than help with this whole decision making process. I’ve avoided shows until now because some questions were just not getting answered and then

Fresh Perspective

Happy New Year! I hope you had a restful and rejuvenating holiday. I took the time I needed to regroup and I feel ready to tackle all of the many projects under way at Coriander Girl and of course, the

Learning as I go

Just when I thought I was in a rut I got some serious things accomplished this week. I found something BIG when I wasn’t even looking, something major and I promise to share this story with you very soon. I’m

Stuck in a Planning Rut Sort-Of

{Homemade shortbread just like Grandma used to make and a delicious cup of Earl Grey de la creme.} So here we are. I’m not going to say we’re stuck in a planning rut however, we can’t really move forward until

Cupcakes Anyone?

There are so many incredible places to consider when choosing your cake or cupcakes, it seems more and more people are leaning toward the cupcake and I find myself moving in that direction also not because it’s trendy but because

It’s beginning to feel like the real deal

It’s becoming real for me. I had my first official appointment at a bridal boutique today and tried on dresses!! My mom and I (arm in arm) walked in excitedly, giggling to one another, I was a little nervous having

Destination: Out of a Dodge

{Cinque Terre} In a perfect world, Tyler and I would have enough money to fly our entire family to the Cinque Terre for a destination Italian wedding of the century. Another lovely idea is a beach wedding in St. Lucia

Sensible shoes? Or blister blues?

What’s a girl to wear on her feet? Obviously, one must consider the venue. We’re on a farm so unless I want to be knee deep in cow patties I better consider my options. Now, gum boots would be an

It’s a Party!

So, it turns out the word ‘wedding’ is totally overwhelming me. I’ve decided I just have to change the word and in doing so I change the psychology.  We’re having a ‘party.’ There, that’s way more manageable! Not that I’m

To Video or Not to Video

If there is one thing that people keep telling me over and over it’s that I should not skimp on photography. And have you seen what people are doing these days? We’ve all seen the traditional wedding videos from the

Finding Your Perfect Bouquet

As a florist, in the summer months I’m dealing with weddings on a daily basis. The process can be simplified when a couple knows what they want. However, it’s also very rewarding providing ideas for people having hard time in

Lovely Autumn

I’ve always believed I was a summer time girl but as I get older I long for the crisp days of fall. The golden light of an autumn sun reminds me of my childhood on the farm, playing outside in

Healthy Bride

Tyler and I have been growing (this was a happy accident typo) through a lot lately. We just purchased our first home and are commuting between Toronto and Belleville, working our little butts off Friday through Sunday in the city

Guest List Debate

As I mentioned last week in my second blog post, Tyler and I are in the process of deciding how many guests we’d like at our wedding. This should be easy right? (insert crickets chirping) Anyone? We’re having the wedding

Now What? Planning Anxiety Sets In

So…we’re engaged! Now what? Every site I visit for newly engaged brides, and surprisingly I frequent them far more than I had thought I would, starts with “How to get started” and “What to do next.” As much as I

Coriander Girl

Hello everyone! My name is Ali Westlake. I own a flower shop in Toronto, called Coriander Girl and I recently got engaged to the most extraordinary man, Tyler Hogan. I have been writing a shop blog since opening in September