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Helpful Tips for Picking Your Wedding Colour Scheme

Helpful Tips for Picking Your Wedding Colour Scheme

Six tips to help you select the perfect palette for your celebration.
What Your Wedding Colours Say About You (And Your Celebration)

What Your Wedding Colours Say About You (And Your Celebration)

See why the hues you choose are instrumental when it comes conveying the mood and personality of your party.
Wedding Candy Bar Treats To Match Every Colour Scheme

Wedding Candy Bar Treats To Match Every Colour Scheme

Vibrant do-it-yourself sweet tables for every type of wedding.

Colour of 2011: Honeysuckle Pink

Every year Pantone comes out with its colour of the year. While 2010 was a serene shade of turquoise, 2011 is a more vibrant, energetic shade — PANTONE Honeysuckle 18-2120. Another perfect wedding colour, this bright pink is described as

The “Manly” Bout

Is your man not particularly keen on a fantastic floral boutonnière? He is not alone! Here are a couple of options that will encourage him from not only wearing a pocket square on your special day. The man’s man seems

Playing with Mother Nature

I love the true natural beauty that all flowers have to offer. I am not a huge fan of stem died product or paints. But I also love a consistent theme to a wedding. Colours that coordinate the linens, the

Designer Real Wedding: Jenny Yoo

For the last year Jenny Yoo has topped my list for creating some of the most chic and elegant bridesmaid dresses that I’ve seen. Last year, I absolutely fell in love with her crystal pink floral dress (pictured left). But,

What is a Theme?

Some couples have a specific theme for their wedding—a time period like Art Deco, a flower like the Cherry Blossom, or a season like fall. In this case the venue, invitations, decor, flowers and attire generally fit with the theme,

Respect the Flower!

I’m certainly accustomed to hearing “please do not use, carnations, gladiolus, mums, and leather fern!” But I have learned that every flower has its purpose, and if designed right, is magnificent.

Colour Combo: Turquoise & Red

Turquoise alone and red alone are great shades. But, fused together? These two definitely make for a dynamic duo. There’s just something about turquoise and red that’s makes everything look fun and whimsical. I actually found my inspiration from Telliegrams’

Very Vera

Most mornings as soon as I log into work I’m inundated with a gazillion e-mails. Okay, maybe inundated is the wrong word choice, as I actually do enjoy sifting through them–sans the fact that it takes up my whole morning.

Celebrity Florist

Event planner and floral designer of New York City-based floral design company, The Daily Blossom, Saundra Parks is a renowned style-maker and has worked for some of the biggest names out there including Oprah, Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Mariah Carey, and Barbara

Blogging Debut!

I have been a florist for 12 years, and without a doubt wedding flowers are my personal passion! I’m thrilled to have this opportunity to share my knowledge, lessons and experiences with you. I hope this blog will shed some