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Unique and Creative Ways to Eat Cake

Unique and Creative Ways to Eat Cake

Tasty bite-sized treats to serve your wedding guests.

5 Wedding Donuts Ideas That Will Wow the Guests

Chocolate, old fashioned, apple fritter, honey cruller–whatever your choice of flavour, donuts are a popular dessert choice and would be an instant hit with the guests. Not to mention, they’re easy on the wedding budget. Although, we’ll be the first

How sweet it is…

Confession: For the last little while (i.e. when White Toronto called to tell me my beloved wedding dress had arrived, and when could I come in for a fitting?) I thought it best to part ways with sugary confections.

Wedding Do: Find Your Perfect Cake

As a big wedding cake fan, I urge you to choose the perfect cake. When I say perfect, I mean in the sense of picking a confection that “perfectly” matches your style, personality and, of course, your budget. A three-tier

Parisian Wedding Cakes

Anybody tying the knot in Paris? Anybody? Well for those of you even considering Paris a wedding destination, may I suggest that you check out Sugarplum Cake Shop? There’s really only one word to describe their work: oh my! Ok,

Cake Pop Craze

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting Bakerella–the maker behind the ever-so-popular cake pops. Inspired by her sweet idea, I decided to venture into that direction myself and try out the recipe for fun. The result?

Craving Butter Tarts?

I had the pleasure of eating one of the most delicious butter tarts EVER from Future Bakery located at St. Lawrence Market. The sad part about it was that I scarfed my down within seconds from having the first bite,

Current Obsession: Sculpted Cakes

What’s not to love about this cake from Roxycakes? Everything from the cupcake down to the bundt cake is sculpted to look like the real deal.

Sweet of The Day

Now this is what a French macaron tower should look like–fun, sweet and tempting.

Strawberry Cake Anyone?

Looking at this beautiful cake brings out the kid in me and makes me want to lick off the icing with my finger!

Cool Wedding Cake

If you’re a fan of the Cake Boss then you’ll definitely love the incredible work of art that Its My Cake creates.

Mickey Mouse Wedding Cake Anyone?

This cute wedding cake is the perfect example on how couple’s can incorporate their “likes” into a confection, don’t you agree? Found this creative design off of Its My Cake, a talented wedding cake shop located here in Toronto. Love

Cutest of Cakes

This has got to be one of the cutest wedding cakes I’ve seen all year–created by LovinSullivanCakes. I love everything about this confection, from the cute bird toppers to the “bee mine” design.

Fun Dessert Tables

You know what your bridal shower or wedding needs? A fun dessert table like this gorgeous one from Shauna Younge Dessert Tables. I love her style–it’s fresh and simple. The pink set-up was done with a preppy-chic design in mind

Cookie Craving

You know what would  be really cool to serve at your reception? A cookie buffet!