Meghan Markle’s Wedding Planning: What We Know So Far

Photo via Getty Images

Royal bride-to-be Meghan Markle is just 14 weeks away from her wedding day, and by all accounts planning all is ticking along beautifully. The dress creation is underway, invites are in the mail, thought towards speeches is happening, there has been cake consideration and even entertainment speculations exist (SPICE GIRLS!)

Here’s what we know about the royal wedding as of today and how you can take some tips from Meghan and incorporate them into planning your own day.

Meghan’s Dress Design Is In Progress
Reports that the royal wedding dress design process is underway were confirmed mid-January. Meghan’s Toronto-based stylist Jessica Mulroney was rumoured to be in London with the bride-to-be where the pair hosted a few designers at Nottingham Cottage to decide exactly who would design the dress and what it would look like.

Takeaway: Going bespoke for your wedding gown is always a great idea. This allows you to create the dress of your dreams and work with a designer to ensure every single detail is perfect and what you want.

The Wedding Cake Will Be Bananas
As in literally bananas! Harry and Meghan apparently are huge fans of banana cake. It’s been said Prince Harry loves bananas and you may remember a cheeky photo from Meghan’s now deactivated Instagram of two ‘cuddling’ bananas with the caption “sleep tight” which was posted just as the news of Harry and Meghan’s relationship was breaking. The pair are rumoured to be making this untraditional flavour the star of their wedding cake, which would give an ultra-personal spin to their day.

Takeaway: Don’t be afraid to get funky, unexpected and super-personal with elements of your wedding day. That’s what makes for an unforgettable party for you and your guests!

Meghan’s Wedding Speech Is Happening
Meghan apparently  is going to break with royal tradition and speak at her wedding. To this we say bravo, every bride should speak on her day! It’s speculated that Meghan will deliver a speech at her wedding reception paying tribute to her prince.

Takeaway: Be sure you plan to take the mic at your day just like Meghan. It’s important to welcome your guests, say thanks to loved ones and use the opportunity to have some fun talking about your new husband and your relationship.

The Royal Wedding Invites Are Almost In the Mail!
With just 14 weeks left before the day, Meghan and Harry are on track to get their invites in the post. Tradition dictates wedding invites should be delivered no later than eight weeks before the wedding date, but if there are a lot of out of town guests (which there definitely will be for this wedding) it is recommended to send them out at least ten weeks in advance, if not more.

Takeaway: Your invitation mailing is a wedding planning priority. Make sure you are on track for posting your invites as it’s one of the most important planning details of your party! Your RSVP deadline should be three weeks before the day to ensure you have enough time to finalize catering and seating.

Wedding Entertainment Plans Are Happening
Last week a post by Victoria Beckham broke the Internet when she posted a photo of the Spice Girls with the hashtag #friendshipneverends teasing a reunion. But wait, it gets better. It’s reported that Geri “Ginger Spice” Halliwell has suggested the Royal Wedding would be a perfect party to launch a reunion. Geri thinks they should perform at the reception…can you even imagine?!

Takeaway: If you want a killer reception party, you’ve got to think about entertainment and giving your guests a night to remember. While the Spice Girls may not be an option, you can hire amazing local bands, a killer DJ and some cool entertainment surprises to keep the party raging into the wee hours.