What Could Meghan Markle’s Engagement Ring Look Like?

meghan markle engagement ring

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As we continue to sit tight for news of a royal engagement, we’ve had loads of time to immerse ourselves in imagining all the amazing possibilities for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s day. Will the wedding be in London? At Windsor Castle? Will it be epic like William and Kate’s, or more intimate? What will she wear? And since we’re now firmly in the midst of engagement season, what about the ring?

We thought we would have some fun speculating about what Meghan’s engagement bling will look like and asked Toronto jeweller extraordinaire Mark Lash for his thoughts on what he would love to see her rock.

“This ring will obviously become an instant hit and style classic,” Lash says. “I predict it will be especially trend setting because I see this ring being rather unique, balancing effortless casual chic with show-stopping glamour which Meghan herself embodies. The ring will sparkle with her everyday jeans and tee look—neat and tidy, but not without the added luxury and elegance fit for royalty.”

Here Lash shares five of his ring designs which he thinks would be a perfect match for Meghan.


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