Day 95: Kate’s Title – What will it be?

Samir Hussein/WireImage/Getty Images

There has been a lot of debate as to what Kate’s title will be once she says “I do” to William. The complexity arises from the fact that William’s father Charles, is currently the Prince of Wales. If Charles was the King, William would automatically be the Prince of Wales and then Kate would become Princess of Wales (the same title the late Diana went by). The problem is there are a lot of royal technicalities, meaning it is a possibility that Kate could become Princess William of Wales, since William does not hold a formal position. However, if the Queen decides to make William a Duke, then Kate would automatically become a Duchess or she could also make him an Earl, which would make her a Countess.

The reality is most people want Kate to become Princess Catherine. Will it happen? Royal commentator Dickie Arbit believes this is the most likely scenario, however we’ll have to wait and see what the Queen says, as she is the only person who can make this change!