Day 92: Mario Testino Talks About Shooting Kate & William

Photographed by Mario Testino.

Photographer Mario Testino, who took the engagement photos of Kate Middleton and Prince William, is now speaking out about shooting the royal couple. In the February issue of Vogue, he admitted he played a part in selecting the white Reiss dress she wore. “We thought a favourite simple white dress would be best for the more formal picture,” says Testino. “Two people in love have a glow and a presence more powerful than anything else, and I wanted that to be the subject of the picture, not what they were wearing.”

Testino also revealed that he played the same music he used when taking photos of Diana, Princess of Wales, with the hopes of achieving the same relaxed feeling. “The contrast of the contemporary informal music playing in the beautiful rooms with so much history caused a lot of laughter,” Testino told the magazine. Using tunes from French singer, Dalida, it seems that Testino achieved the mood he was looking for.

When it came to shooting the couple, he knew working with Kate would be easy. “I already felt confident that she would be an easy sitter, as she has natural grace, a very open personality, and a beautiful face and posture,” he explained. “I had noticed how beautiful she usually looks in the press and how stylish she is, with a preference for simpler clothes that show off her great figure, and it was a real treat to photograph her.” This wasn’t the first time Testino worked with Kate or William for that matter, but really was honoured to work on this shoot. “When we came together to take the new pictures, we were, I think, genuinely happy to be recording this fantastic moment in their lives.”