Day 88: Kate and William Reportedly Choose a Honeymoon Spot

Of all the famous vacations spots in the world, it appears that Kate and Will have chosen a more low-key and, not to mention, local destination–Scilly Isles, located at the southwestern tip of Great Britain. According to reports, the last time Prince William visited Scilly Isles was back in 1989 for a family vacation with Prince Charles, Princess Diana and Prince Harry. Already playing the responsible couple, there’s reason to believe that Kate and Will opted for a domestic destination as oppose to splurging on a lavish retreat as a way to send a better message to the people of Britain, due to the current state of the economy. {source}

Will you follow in the footsteps of the royal couple by booking a local honeymoon spot? Or, better yet, indulge in a honeymoon overseas at one of the gorgeous islands that comprise Scilly Isles? For more information on things to do, places to visit and hotels to stay check out the Isles of Scilly Tourism Board.

{image courtesy the Isles of Scilly Tourism Board}