What Body Language Says About Your Relationship

Photo via Getty Images

We were treated to our first glimpse of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as a working royal partnership Friday as they made their first appearance in Nottingham, England for a World AIDS Day event. Four days after the biggest engagement news of the year, the pair looked relaxed, happy and definitely rocked a just-engaged-glow.

We couldn’t help but do a little analysis on their body language as this often speaks volumes about the state of a couple’s relationship (something to definitely keep top of mind for your engagement photos and wedding day pics). Let’s break down a few things we noticed in this photo about Harry and Meghan:

They are focused as one.
No doubt the crowd was shouting their names in all directions, but note how the pair are focusing their attention in the same direction. This is a typically a clue that a couple is on the same wavelength.

They are majorly into one another.
An arm around the waist usually signals a person is marking their territory—the pair are walking arm-in-arm which means they are clearly besotted with each other.

Harry’s heart is full.
It could be that he is keeping bundled up against the December chill, but we think Harry’s hand reaching for his heart signals how he’s feeling about his life right now and bride-to-be Meghan…swoon.