A Woodsy Wedding In Abbotsford

A Woodsy Wedding in Abbotsford British Columbia - Bride and Groom

Drew, an Ohio native, and Jenny, who is from British Columbia, met while studying in Israel with their schools for a month. “We emailed each other back and forth randomly until one day Drew invited me to see a show he was playing with his band, Fever Fever, in Seattle,” Jenny shares. “We hung out and after that, there were endless Facebook messages and Skype chats.” In June 2015, Drew flew out to B.C. to make their relationship official. “He surprised me when he flew in that weekend,” Jenny recalls. “I was even more surprised the next time I came to visit Ohio, when he proposed!”

Instead of deciding on a particular theme or palette, the couple wanted to focus on how the wedding would feel. “We knew we wanted our guests to feel rested, refreshed and inspired at our wedding, and we used this as the guiding principle throughout the entire process,” Jenny explains.

Instead of having separate tables for their reception, the couple kept the guest list intimate and had all the guests sit together at one long table. “A lot of people travelled to B.C. for our wedding,” Jenny says. “My parents live in Papua New Guinea, and Drew and his family are all from Ohio, and my best friend is from Ontario. So we had a lot of people who didn’t know each other, but since our group was so small, everyone was chatting and interacting.”

It was Drew who wrote the music for their wedding, including a song that played as Jenny walked down the aisle. “I asked him to write something with a piano, that was inviting and slow, but also like something new and enchanting being born,” Jenny smiles. “He wrote a layered song that grew as the procession proceeded, with the most lively part when I walked in!”

Jennifer Chell and Andrew Murfin, January 9, 2016, Abbotsford, British Columbia.

Photography courtesy of Taliah Leigh.

Ceremony venue: Clayburn Church
Reception venue: Spruce Collective
Bridal gown: DIY by bride and her mother
Groom’s tux: H&M
Caterer: Columbia Gourmet Catering
Flowers: Shar Warkentin
Stationery: DIY by groom, bride and bride’s mother
Favours: Purdy’s


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