Modern Elegance in Montreal

Jessica Iafigliola and Giovanni Evangelista, July 17th 2010, Montreal, Quebec.

Photography Courtesy Natalie Gore, This Is Your Story (

About the couple

Bride: Jessica Iafigliola

Groom: Giovanni (Johnny) Evangelista

How they met: “We were both part of a fashion show organized by our university. Since our practices never overlapped, we actually only met a few days before the show at a rehearsal dinner,” says Jessica. “It so happened that we ended up getting seated across from each other – where we had our first spark,” she exclaims.  “A few weeks after the show, all the participants reunited and awards were given out for different categories. We were both selected for Mr. And Mrs. Personality! We decided to meet after school one day to ‘look over some pictures from the fashion show.’  From then on one date led to another and the rest is history.”

Engagement story: “We planned a European trip in the summer 2009,” explains Jessica. “Our first stop was Prague. Johnny had done research on the city to find the most romantic place to propose. The most popular location was the famous Charles Bridge.  Since he did not want to propose in front of random people walking across the bridge, he rented out an entire sightseeing-type cruise boat that passed right next to the bridge where he could propose in private, while still incorporating the bridge. He hired a violinist to come onboard to serenade us during the whole boat ride. The best part is that right after the proposal, it started to rain. As soon as it stopped, only a few minutes later, a beautiful rainbow came out.”