About the couple

Bride: Laura Heward

Groom: Graeme Moxley

How they met: “Graeme and I met when I was 13 and he was 14 at an equestrian centre,” explains Laura. “Although we flirted for years, I refused to date him because of my parent’s divorce. A month after my 18th birthday, it was finally time and I said yes!”

Engagement story: “We celebrated my 26th birthday party with 40 or so of our friends at our home in Aurora. Midway through the night I was asked to explain the rules of Flip Cup,” Laura recalls. “There I was standing in the backyard with everyone around the parameter and I saw Jim and his camera (Graeme’s dad, he’s a photographer). When I stopped to say ‘Is that Jim?’ Graeme took my hand, got on one knee and proceeded to propose. Everyone cheered and my entire family popped out of the crowd! I was surprised and elated. I could not believe after eight years of waiting I was finally engaged! What made this so special was that we had all of our close friends and family there to witness one of the most special moments of our lives. And everyone was in on the surprise, except for me of course.”

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