nye wedding 1


About the couple

Bride: Meredith Cameron

Groom: Ryan MacIsaac

How they met: “We met through a mutual friend after Ryan’s annual golf tournament ‘Hacker’s Cup’,” explains Meredith. “Ryan says he met me before this but I don’t remember. We crossed paths again two months later at a friend’s house for a Halloween party. We hardly talked the whole evening so I quickly realized that I was the one that needed to initiate any conversation.”

Engagement story: “Ryan was cooking me supper when I came home, which he does all of the time, but I noticed something was up when he came to greet me in a sweater vest,” Meredith recalls. “His forehead was beaded with sweat from hovering over the oven and practicing his speech. I hardly had my coat and boots off when Ryan was down on one knee asking me to marry him. It’s all a bit of a blur but the ring was perfect.”

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