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About the couple

Bride: Melissa Lowry

Groom: Thomas Lowry

How they met: “Melissa and I first crossed paths in the fall of 2004 while attending York University to study graphic design,” explains Thomas. “Our first encounter took place on a long bus ride to campus. A cement truck had rolled over on the highway, caused a traffic jam, and we were going to be late for our first ever university exam. While I sat nervously, plotting out the potential consequences, Melissa made a phone call to the school and sorted everything out. She introduced herself and filled me in on the details. As if in denial of this introduction, for subsequent weeks, Melissa nor I spoke to one another during numerous encounters. It wasn’t until the second year of university that we became really close friends, and it wasn’t until years later that we started dating.”

Engagement story: “Tom proposed to me at the Brookfield Place, where we had our first date,” Melissa recalls. “After carefully planning to get down on one knee in the middle of the beautifully lit floor, Tom was thrown a curve ball when I decided I was hungry. After having some dinner and ruining the plan, Tom pretended to want to take a picture of me sitting on the steps. I, impatient to leave, gave in to his request. I soon realized what Tom was trying to do all along. After going down on one knee, a heartfelt speech, and some tears I happily said yes.”

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