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About the couple

Bride: Sarah Price

Groom: Hurst Gannon

How they met: “We met through friends at the Snooty Fox, a popular local pub. We ended up having our first date at the same spot,” explains Sarah. “Two hours into the date, when Hurst went to the washroom, the waitress asked me if things were going okay or if I wanted her to bring the cheque. I told her to hold it and we ended up staying and talking for hours. We both knew right away that we had something special.”

Engagement story: ‚ÄúSarah and I spent the first year and a half of our relationship living in different cities. When I finally got a new job in the same city as Sarah, I immediately made plans to propose,” Hurst recalls. “I was organizing a big charity event through work and Sarah had driven 1.5 hours to be there to help me set up the next morning. We had not seen each other in almost two weeks and upon arriving, Sarah jokingly told me she had almost forgotten what I looked like. I then pulled out a ring and said that I hoped that would never happen again. It was such a special, quiet and private moment.”

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