Pink wedding


About the couple

Bride: Heather Slade

Groom: Curt Borys

How they met: “It was our friend’s birthday and a bunch of friends met at a bar. The birthday boy and his girlfriend introduced us early in the night and it wasn’t long before Curt started joking and making me laugh,” Heather recalls. “This eventually turned into flirting and dancing. The group was heading home and the birthday boy turned to Curt and asked if he was going to stick around. He strongly suggested that Curt should stay and dance. It took a moment for Curt to realize that it was I who really wanted him to stay. We danced the rest of the night. My sister was kind enough to pick us up from the bar and drove Curt home. When we arrived at Curt’s place neither of us had a pen or paper, and it was my sister who finally broke the awkwardness and gave me both. We exchanged info spent the next few days chatting online and arranged to go out for coffee. It was our first date, but it was also the first step to the rest of our lives.”

Engagement story: “The same friends who introduced us were planning a trip to Vegas. They had gone a few times and were always trying to convince us to go to. If we joined them it would coincide with Heather’s 26th birthday, so we booked it. We had been talking about getting engaged all summer; We had even gone ring shopping. Heather knew that it was likely to happen soon and she started dropping hints that it would be so romantic for it to happen in Vegas. With her not knowing that I already had the ring, I always rebutted her hints saying that the thought of getting engaged in Vegas was too cheesy and cliché. On the night before her birthday in Vegas we had plans to see a Cirque de Soleil show. After the show we had a couple of drinks with our friends and decided to have a late supper alone. We talked about what we should do with the rest of the night and I suggested the Eiffel Tower at the Paris Hotel. We could watch the Bellagio fountains and start her birthday off with a bang. Apparently my misdirection had worked and I completely surprised her when I got down on my knee over-looking the Strip and popped the question,” explains Curt.

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