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About the couple

Bride: Mandy So

Groom: Wilson Kwong

How they met: “We met in high school,” explains Mandy.

Engagement story: “Wilson was trying to plan for my 27th birthday. He thought it would be a great idea to give me a full day of surprises. Out he went to Home Depot to buy some wood to build three boxes for three different surprises. After a few late nights of cutting, assembling, and painting the boxes in my favorite color (purple), he filled the boxes with gifts and finished them off by locking each of them with a combination lock. He gave the boxes to me the day before my birthday, and told me to leave the boxes in the trunk of my car and bring them to work on my birthday. On my birthday morning, Wilson gave me the first combination code to unlock the first box, which had a Starbucks gift card inside, intended to start my day off at work with my favorite coffee. Around lunch time, Wilson called me at work to give me the combination to the second box. I brought the box into the cafeteria at work and unlocked the box. All I could find was a happy birthday card amongst the paper stuffing in the box. As I was searching the box inside and out, Wilson showed up at my work with a birthday cake! As the day went by, I was very anxious to know what was in third box. However, Wilson did not give me the last combination until the end of the night. I opened the box with the expectation of an engagement ring inside but fell to slight disappointment. Apparently, due to the unexpected difficulty in choosing the right diamond, Wilson had to change his plan last minute and substituted a Tiffany necklace,” Mandy recalls. “While Wilson continued his search for the perfect bling, I had begun my wedding planning in search for the perfect wedding day photographer. Wilson then came up with the idea of creating a mock photographer website. In there, he gathered some random photos to pose as the portfolios of the photographer’s work. In the last special section of the website, he made an album of photos which contained all photos of us through the ten years of our relationship. On the night of April 18th, Wilson told me that he had found the perfect photographer and introduced me to the website. Little did I know that the site was created by Wilson! While I was browsing through the photos in the portfolio, I came across the special section and the photos of Wilson and I appeared in front of my eyes. Each photo had captions of how Wilson remembered the events. At this moment, Wilson took out the last purple box once again and handed it to me. I revealed a diamond ring upon opening, and Wilson got down on one knee and popped the big question — And I said yes!”

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