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About the couple

Bride: Michelle Coates

Groom: Jordan Mather

How they met: “We met through mutual friends at a Canada Day party,” explains Michelle.

Engagement story: “Jordan and I got engaged on a cold winter’s day,” explains Michelle. “It was Boxing Day, around 11am at my family cottage in Calabogie, Ontario. I had asked Jordan to please, please come up to the cottage as early as possible on Boxing day, so he would have a chance to visit with my family. Anyone who knows Jordan understands that he is not always the most timely, punctual person, but on this day, he was very much on time. I heard the car pull up our long, snow-covered driveway. He seemed to park as far back from the front entrance as possible. Jordan walked into the cottage and greeted everyone in his usual chipper/friendly way. After a brief conversation, and a cup of coffee, Jordan casually asked me to help him bring in Christmas presents from his car. And so we did, boots on foot, mitts on hand, coats zipped tight. As we walked to the car, I reminisced about my cousin Megan’s very recent engagement to her man Jason. I must admit, Jordan, for a brief moment, seemed awkwardly uncomfortable and rather distracted by this news, but I chalked it up to the chill in the air. Jordan opened the trunk and asked me to lift up the wrapped, ’empty’ Christmas box that ‘must have fallen over during his ride up’,” Michelle recalls. “Without skipping a beat, I dragged the box out of the car and out popped a beautiful gift for me! Lo and behold, there was a ring inside a black box in the middle of a collage of pictures of the two of us, fastened together by two messages that said, ‘Together, Forever’. I am entirely certain I blacked out at that point. I only remember him kneeling in the snow, one hand in my hand, the other holding the ring asking me to marry him. I will always remember the day Jordan and I committed to start planning our lives together.”

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